The Final Shadowgun War Room

The Final Shadowgun War Room has aired and all the major features have been revealed. Check out the full stream here or watch the highlights here!...

UNKILLED Version 0.5.5

Brand New PvP Map: Subway + tweaks of all current PvP maps
Improved Leaderboards
Increased movement speed
Weapons lose effectiveness

UNKILLED Version 0.5.0

New multiplayer PvP mode! Battle other players on the rooftops in a special arena. Fight against other players in special missions! Choose from five characters


How to be the best PvP player

Find an Opponent

First thing you gotta do is to find the other P. It’s player vs player after all. The weaker the opponent, the...

2.6 Common Issues and fixes - Read first!

Currently we are aware of an issue that players get "It seems you are trying to play unfair" message and then their character commits suicide...

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