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Questions&Answers - 18/04/2016

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  • Questions&Answers - 18/04/2016

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    The only topic of the Developer’s corner this week is “upcoming update”. We took your questions related to the update and tried to answer it. So, we let you know, how big the update is, or why we don’t want to tell you a release date. But go ahead, we revealed a few new features too. By the way, if you have any question to us, just leave it in comments. Maybe we’ll answer your question next time

    What can be heard around the Madfinger office is UNKILLED 2.0 or Enhanced Edition.Where is the update? What is taking so long?
    Basically there are two approaches to update development. The first is to update the game every 14 days for example. These updates bring some small new improvements or features, help balance the game, add difficulty and so on. The other approach is to take your time and introduce more game changing content all at once. Obviously we have decided to go with the latter option and introduce only major updates in UNKILLED. First we expanded the story, then we introduced Skirmish Ops, a whole new game mode. Both of these updates pale in comparison with what is coming now. What can be heard around the Madfinger office is UNKILLED 2.0 or Enhanced Edition. The user interface is going to be improved as well as Skirmish Ops. The Story mode is going to get a special treatment and finally we introduce the multiplayer. It is a huge undertaking impossible to finish in a couple of weeks. We firmly believe that the wait is worth it and you, the players are going to love it.

    Why didn’t you split the update into more smaller ones?
    Many of the added features are going to be game changers which will affect the whole game. They simply need to be published as a whole. For example the new gadgets. We cannot simply introduce only one or two and introduce the rest later. It would make the game seriously unbalanced.

    Have you encountered any complications during the development of the “multiplayer update”?
    Game development is a very dynamic process and you constantly encounter technical difficulties. Be it in the game development itself, the tools we use or the operating systems of mobile devices. It is also possible that a major Unity update negatively affects the development process. Sometimes you have to rewrite huge chunks of the code again. Something similar actually happened just before the UNKILLED’s launch and during this update development. The worst part is that you never know how big the delay is going to be because you have to wait for the resolution of your problem by someone else. That is one of the reason why we haven’t announced a date yet. From our past experiences we know it’s unfortunately not just up to us.

    When can we expect the update?
    Without saying a specific date we can promise it is going to be a “Spring update”

    What is the update going to look like?
    Come on, guys. You know that exciting and satisfying feeling of discovering something new? That is exactly what we are aiming for. We adding some features you haven’t seen in a mobile game before. That much we will say but you are going to have to find out the rest by yourself. Of course we are going to share some sneak peaks on our Facebook page. Last week we found out that Clarke is going to be one of the playable characters. We can already say he is not going to be the only one. We can also say that there are more than cosmetic reasons for choosing a different character It is the biggest update in the history of Madfinger Games.

    Can you really not share anything specific?
    Well okay. You will be able to synchronize your game on multiple devices. You will be able to play multiplayer with random players and your friends also. There are also going to be some balancing improvements like for example the statistics of MG42.

    What do we really know about the upcoming update so far?
    It is the biggest update in the history of Madfinger Games. Not even tournament update from Dead Trigger 2 was this big. If we could compare it with anything it would be like introducing Shadowgun: DeadZone. You can expect PvP multiplayer, new weapons, playable characters, improved Skirmish Ops, availability to share your progress on multiple devices or improvement of certain weapons. The most important thing though - the update is coming soon

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    Will we be able to aim like in Dead Trigger 2? I don't like to be always firing from the hip :/


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      Till now... For me, Shadowgun Deadzone's Multiplayer is the best!


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        This was wrote over a year ago. Wtf? Where it at?