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UNKILLED version 0.4.0

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  • UNKILLED version 0.4.0

    What is new in 0.4.0

    Introducing Skirmish Ops: Asynchronous PvP! This exciting new feature lets you:
    Build an army of zombies! Play missions to complete the DNA “blueprints” for different types of zombies.
    Completed zombie types can be cloned and improved with scientific research.
    Attack other player bases at any time by releasing your zombie army.
    Defend your own base against other players’ armies.
    Results of all kinds will add to your overall Skirmish Ops score.
    Your score will be recorded on the permanent “Skirmish Ops ” leaderboard.
    Skirmish Ops Neutral Zombies - generic missions with hard difficulty.
    Zombie DNA - collectibles for building blueprints for the zombie army.
    4 new weapons: Luger P 08, Kyu guntō, Simonov SKS, Thompson M1928

    Blueprints for weapons

    Player nickname option added

    New UNKILLED web leaderboards for daily tournaments, headshots, boss kills, explosive kills etc.

    New achievements

    Decreased Price of Gadgets

    Sprinter booster can be found in the treasure chest
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

    Share your feedback with us. And ask any questions!
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