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Easter Treasure Hunt

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  • Easter Treasure Hunt

    It seems that some Zombie Bunny has just hidden pieces of voucher for you! If you want to claim this hillarious Easter voucher, you have to find all three pieces first.

    First part
    The begining of the voucher is available on our Facebook page. Could you find it there? Try it now!

    Second part
    The middle part of this voucher will be here on 24th March in comments. So, stay in touch with us on this forum and grab the piece of voucher for yourself!

    Third part
    You will receive the final part of the voucher via Madfinger's Newsletter on 25th March! Haven't you subscribed yet? Do it now on UNKILLED website!

    To claim the final voucher follow our step-by-step guide:

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    Where's the second part of the code?


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      Where is second voucher


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        Here's your second part of the Easter voucher. Enjoy it! Click image for larger version

Name:	Velikonoce_04.jpg
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Size:	61.9 KB
ID:	6239


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          ...{SIGH}...UrsusLuin, don't you just hate it when people don't read and have no clue what is going on?
          Sometimes I feel sorry for MFG staff having to put up with such things.
          Thanks for the second part of the code. I will surely look forward to the 3rd part tomorrow.

          By the way, you should actually remove the first part, just to teach them people to read and user their eyes and brains, but that might just be too harsh.
          Keep up the good work.

          JakeyTheHakey (almost 2 year long DT2 gamer)


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            Where Part III of the coupon please