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UNKILLED Version 0.5.0

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  • UNKILLED Version 0.5.0

    New multiplayer PvP mode! Battle other players on the rooftops in a special arena. Fight against other players in special missions! Choose from five characters and twelve new weapons. Enjoy reward crates, an improved weapon system, and more! Fight for leaderboard glory in new PvP tournaments, and progress through the campaign mode to earn a special reward!

    • Customize and advance your character with new skill trees and prestige system! Collect ‘Intel’ from kills for points for skills and prestige.
    • New reward crates – open them to get valuable items, including DNA and Blueprints.
    • 12 new weapons – G36 Spec Ops, Barrett M82 A2, Mossberg 590, Glock 17 Tactical, LSAT SpecOps, and many more.
    • 8 new gadgets.
    • Improved campaign missions with customizable 3-star objectives.
    • New aiming and sprint system.
    • 3D Touch for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S – press harder for additional effects.
    • Improved story missions.
    • Skirmish missions have three difficulties.
    • New leaderboards for PvP and prestige.
    Enjoy Guys!

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    Nice updates ! Congratz


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      nice update, however i gotta say, i was extremely disappointed when i noticed that i couldnt use the simonov and the thompson anymore because they are to weak now, and that the snipers (dragunov svdk and ai ax 338) now take 2-3 shots to kill, even if they have 4000-5000 damage.

      really hope the next update for unkilled is focused on upgrading the whole weapons system like was said in some Q&A ago


      • UrsusLuin | MFG
        UrsusLuin | MFG commented
        Editing a comment
        As we mentioned several times on Facebook and another our channels. We had to rebalanced all weapons due to multiplayer battles and we also decided to rework the whole weapon system. That means some of weapons were changed a little bit. For example, Simonov didn't have any upgrades in previous version of the game. That was quite ultimate - you received very useful and powerful gun just from the blueprints. So, we added some upgrades to this weapon. All Simonovs are 560 power now, but you can upgrade them to 2530. Thompson was also changed a little, but it's still powerful weapon, just like Bren A1. Sniper rifles are hold different story. They were really over-powered in multiplayer, so we lower their damage. They are still powerful enough. But on the other hand, a lot of you were complaining about difficulty of mission. You were saying that they are too easy. We listened to you and push it harder. There are new difficulties of mission (in Skirmish Ops and also the last mission in the campaign). They are really hard. That's why it take 2 or 3 shots to kill zombies there.

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      well, i do understand and agree with the simonov and thompson changes, but not with the sniper one.
      simply lowering their damage was, in my opinion a bad idea.
      snipers already had enough downsides like bad mobility, slow reload, slow fire rate and just a few bullets per magazine, they only good point was dealing a lot of damage, and now it lost it.
      about it being too over-powered in multiplayer, that could be changed be either removing auto-shot for snipers (or all weapons) in the multiplayer mode or reducing it damage only for the multiplayer mode, but not for the singleplayer mode.
      Last edited by Nike; 05-26-2016, 03:24 AM.


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        When saving for a cool rare or epic gun and finally get it it's cool to feel a bit OP with that gun, at least for a while, before you have to empty a mag point blank to the head to kill zombies. I understand the need for balancing in MP but that shouldn't ruin any of the experience in single player! It wasn't so bad some levels ago but now, I'm level 27... The last couple of days I have unlocked several RARE/BLUE guns I have been eyeballing since I started playing. They come at power 940 but can ofc be upgraded a lot. Problem is it's so expensive!! 45k for the cheapest. I play skirmishes mostly and today all my guns have at some time been too low power to use even for easy. And money is hard to get if none of your guns are strong enough.

        I can play now. I have gotten all but my melee weapon strong ENOUGH. But that feeling of being OP with those guns, that didn't happen.

        Still, my favorite game and I'm sure it's a matter of time before something change for the better 😁🕹