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How to make a GIF

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  • How to make a GIF

    First of all, you need a video of your gameplay. The best way how to record it is to use Everyplay implemented in the game. You have to turn on the recording before you start play a mission or a duel.

    When you finish the mission, you have to upload your video to Everyplay (it’s the button on the left, and by the way, yes you’ve receive 5 gold for the first time).

    So, you uploaded your video on Everyplay and you found it on the web. Now, it’s time to make a GIF from your video. There are a lot of possibilities how to do that.

    Of course, you can share the video on YouTube and then you can use a specialized website (e.g. to make a gif from this video.

    Or you can use a software like GifCam to capture the part of the video edit it. It’s easy, you just download and install it. GifCam records everything what is in his window, for example the player at the

    We’ve to recommendations for you:
    • Record the GIF in 16 fps.
    • Click on Edit button, use right mouse button for a context menu, choose Green Screen option and uncheck Show Green Screen.
    When you’re done with recording of your GIF, maybe you would like to edit it. Again, there are a lot of possibilities how to do that. There are some wesites you could be handy:
    • - the best site for resizing and compression of your GIF. There is 30 MB limit for a GIF you want to upload (other sites have got about 16 MB). It’s good to have the GIF under 8 MB.
    • - You can edit your GIF there. There are a lot of possibilities like adding text frame by frame. There is also really good algorithm for compression of your GIF.
    • - This site can be used for editting and uploading your GIF.
    • - It’s a similar page to the previous one. You can edit your GIF there and you can also upload it to server and share it on our Facebook page. ;-)
    When you’ve satisfied with your GIF, you have to upload it to websites like or and share the link with us in comments. Don’t try to upload a GIF right to Facebook! It allows you to do that, but the GIF won’t be animated.