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  • Can't progress any further

    I love zombie shooters. IMO Unkilled has a lot of room for improvement and you barely see any similar games that are so enternaining. The new shadowgun is amazing, the matchmaking however is painfully slow, not to mention unkilled is probably my favorite iOS game for now.
    I purchased a new character with gold so I spent $11 to get a gold stash. But now I have to start all over to upgrade him. Which seems impossible now that I've completed the story and I can only get a limited amount of intel per day.
    I really wish there was an option to switch all of the progression from one character to another, as the main character I started with(the dull soldier) is at 66. And I spent real money to upgrade him this far. I wish I could transfer all XP to my new character and get immersed back into the game
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    The game is not well optimized...