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  • Hackers Found!

    I have been unable to match with anyone for two days in PvP. I finally matched twice moments ago and was faced with players having unlimited gadgets. See attached screenshots. Regretfully, I have spent real money on this game so it is rather infuriating to have this happen.

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    Hi, this player has already been banned from PVP matchmaking.


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        Well, then there is already another one.

        i also emailed twice about Unkilled chests not received with over 40,000 gold spent. Can someone please write back?


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          I'm sure we sent you a reply, but if you send me the ticket number, I can check it out.


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            I did not receive a ticket number. I just sent again through the website so it should be sitting at the top of the inbox. Thanks for your help!


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              There are still more.. if I cannot play successfully due to rampant cheating I would like to request that all money spent on the game be refunded and I will resign my post as an avid daily player.


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                My name says it all! "Uhack-I-Quit."

                After being matched over and over with people using 30+ medkit and destroying me with 6+rockets I begin quitting when matched with a hacker... so, I have been banned from a game I pay cash for because I refused to play against hackers. This is great.... thanks ....

                Still no deposit of the Unkilled chests after spending tens of thousands of gold either. Still no response to any of the tickets. What should I do at this point?