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PVP Ranking and Disconnectors Bug

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  • PVP Ranking and Disconnectors Bug

    Dear unkilled team, I am writing about a big problem that is distorting the ranking of pvp duels, I noticed in many duels where I was winning or that the adversary refuses to face me for any reason, which can disconnect from the duel without rightly lose points from his ranking. many players, especially those at the top of the rankings like FOKUME, RIGHT I have beaten several times, as soon as they see that I reach 5 kills, they disconnect and not only lose no points, but rather the software considers them the won game, both to me and to him , which is really absurd. Below I have filmed a duel against one of the top 15 players in the rankings that performs this trick, I don't know how it is possible or if it is a bug in the game, but it is not possible that there are people like me who spent 200 euros to play and at a distance of 3 years from the release of the pvp, can not fight fair for the ranking because in practice the players at the top never lose points, but continuously increase their ranking due to this trick. I think you have to solve this problem with absolute priority to give credibility to the rankings and therefore to pvp in general.
    Please give me your feedback on the matter, in which case if I can provide you with other videos as proof of the existence of this widespread problem.

    As you can in my video that i have recorded , linked to this topic, on the screen at the end of the duel, the initial score of the opponent is shown which is 160480, he on the 1-1 disconnects himself, to which to show you the bug, I went to see the general classification, and I see that his score is 160520, so the software also considered the duel won for him because he gained 40 points. This is not right for the good of the community that plays this beautiful game, especially for those who play honestly and fairly. I can't believe that no one in the last few years since the pvp came out, has never once reported to you this problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible.

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    and below another example of how top ranked players use the trick of disconnection to gain points wrongly. if they do 100 duels they gain for sure 4000 points average, but when i play 100 duels i lost regulary my point when i lost. it s not honest and fair. in the duel below you can see how the oppponent disconnect , when i reached 5 kills, becuase he don t want to risk to lose the game and his ranking points. he disconnect , amd when i go to see the ranking , the software show that he gained 40 points. why ? and why in the final screen when is shown the winner, the software don t show how many pointa he lost after disconnect ?
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