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unkilled crashing on nvidia shield tv

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  • unkilled crashing on nvidia shield tv

    Unkilled keeps crashing on my 1st gen Nvidia Shield TV. Now while this is annoying it got very annoying in a PVP match today when the game stopped and reset back to the Nvidia homescreen (as it has been doing in all kinds of non PVP games) thus causing me to get a "naughty boy" message from madfinger. THIS ISNT MY BLOODY FAULT. Your game keeps crashing. Why?

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    Also, why is there no way to contact madfinger, friends or such on the Shield TV. The game is touted as Android TV compatible but it isnt fully implemented.


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      After advice from madfinger this is the result.

      Clearing data.. no effect,

      Internet connection perfectly stable (no issues on any other application)

      Uninstalling has no effect when re installing.

      Developer options are off

      Anti virus software is not installed.

      No modifications (root or such) have ever been made to the OS (android) it is stock clean updated automatically.


      Today playing a simple skirmish op scavenging the game reset back to the os (it has done this countless times and I have almost lost my base because of the amount of times i have had to restart the mission against an attacker). reloaded the game played the same skirmish op... same result. All this half way through the mission. Tried again.. same result. This is not an internet connection issue or bad os or dodgy modification. If I stay in one place and use different weapons on some of these missions that are crashing I can get through. But that is bloody difficult not being able to move don't you think?

      So this issue isnt just PVP games where the connection is running to keep the match going.... This happens on all kinds of missions with all kinds of scenarios and weapons active.
      Therefore i cannot join any PVP games as I cannot trust the game will not crash out and cause me to be banned THROUGH NO FAULT OF MY OWN !!!!!



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        Hey there kumed, sorry for the late reply. I probably cannot probably give you a better advice than our customer support team but two things in your last post caught my eye:

        Stable internet connection is required even in non-PvP missions since the game is linked with cloud (for saving) all the time when you are in game, so unstable connection might create issues even outside of PvP.

        As for the technical difficulties, we have thoroughly tested Unkilled on Shield TV and did not have any issues. While it is possible that something might have escaped our eye, considering the amount of crashes you are experiencing, it is unlikely that this is something overlooked by our QA dept., taking that into consideration this is most likely a result of some third-party app interfering with the game and as such restoring your device to factory default should solve the issues.

        Finally, regarding your inquiry about missing contact us option and friends features, Android TV platform unfortunately does not support the plugins necessary for these to work and as such they are not included in Android TV version of the game.


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          Happen the same to me, the game always crashed auto quit and returned to home screen in my shield tv 2015 ver. I tried re installed but it still crashed and banned me many times, mad about Unkilled


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            I had the same issue recently but it did help when I went into settings then system and changed it to Optimal performance ... I was able to play it another hour without any issues.