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Multirockets/gas etc. going off randomly

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  • Multirockets/gas etc. going off randomly

    I’m playing Unkilled on iPhone 6 Plus and my gas canisters, multirockets keep going off without me choosing them, as they’re pretty expensive/rare bits of kit this is intensely annoying, I’m going to have to stop playing at this rate as I’m not going to be spending money constantly replacing them. Anyone else having this issue??

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    Your mobile phone is enough for the $$. I used the Sony xa1 plus before, and it was very smooth. It was just too power-consuming. After 100% of the game was played for less than 2 hours, my game quality was not bright with the minimum screen. The game only played. The other small sounds are turned off, and it’s gone when you play it.
    1. The mobile phone antivirus is turned off, and the synchronization is first turned off after the game is started.
    2.wife locates that there is no wife system can be self-collected to turn off
    3. Mobile phone You can set the game to use only 4G, you can play the game, you will not be disturbed. If you don't set to use only 4G or LET, tell me. I am teaching you,
    4. All of the above are absolutely for you to play, the game signal bite is very tight, the transmission speed is suddenly pulled away by other systems or software, the game will be a bit unstable, but his game will also pull back, the focus is Don't switch out in the game (I feel absolutely 50% or more dropped, otherwise the game bursts, the game is not smooth, there will be no sound effects.. and from the near game,,,
    You can take a look at the advice I gave you, and the difference is very big,

    But I am changing my mobile phone now. When playing cooperation, my friends and friends thought that I would open the propeller, use Craco, survivors. Sam, it’s sour when I run to myself, super cool, really,

    I changed the poop R17, the sensor is super stable, my game quality is the highest, the sound vibration is turned on, 100% played for 4-5 hours, the battery is fully charged when I change the charge, it is not bad,
    I hope to help your brother.
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      Thanks so much for your reply, unfortunately I didn’t understa