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Everything you wanted to know about cheaters!

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  • Everything you wanted to know about cheaters!

    Hello Zombie Killers,

    We recently found out that you have had a lot of concerns regarding cheaters and were eager to find out how it works. One of the most common questions was “Does MADFINGER care about the cheater situation?”

    The short answer isYES!”

    First of all we should talk about cheating. What that really is?

    Unkilled that is not downloaded via official stores as App Store or Google Play store are considered as cheating apps. Honestly, if you dont want to get into trouble, just dont download it anywhere else!

    Ok so let’s start with that!

    We DON’T want any cheaters in our game! You should bear this in mind!

    So what are we up to? - Now we are going to reveal our secret: “How we handle cheaters!”

    Imagine players of UNKILLED as two groups:

    One group stands for very awesome things like joy, experience, loyalty, gallantry, noble-mindedness, and the will to be better then anyone else and many many more.

    The other group stands for abusing, arrogance, destroying what others like just in order to have unfair advantage, selfish personal profit and many many more.

    Yes, we are talking about cheaters!

    Dont get us wrong, we know they are people too, however they shouldn’t affect others with their behavior.

    Since we decided to separate these two groups. Once we find out people are cheating they have their own game. In multiplayer they can only meet other cheaters like themselves.

    Pleasant surprise, right?

    If it was me I wouldnt want to be there. How can I compete against other guys who are cheating too? Even Leaderboards are separated. Therefore “cheaters” compete only against each other.

    If you feel that we have wrongly tagged you as a cheater, you should contact our customer support department. They will help you to deal with your issue and find a solution for you!

    Cheers and have fun!

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    While playing multiplayer several matches appear to have cheaters. what i have observed is players passing through walls and teleporting site to site. Also their weapons appear to be more powerful. i.e. my police shotgun emptied with no affect theirs only two shots put me down with health at 112!


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      i love you


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        It’s bullshit since 2016 they didn’t do anything to make it better...I am really pissoff of that. You fight hard to go up and one asshole put everything down. I like this game but if this situation not change better to play After Pulse or Modern Combat Online they are awesome too. Today it happen 2 times to me. Maybe they think they will have real gold these idiot.


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          Nvm 😔 just realized the date of this forum 😭

          Awesome, hopefully this works out. Yesterday I had someone who would be able to glitch to places you can't go normally and I'd empty rounds into him with no avail but he could kill me with his puny load out 😂 or in another match when I started off ahead it'd all of a sudden say he is losing connection... Disconnecting in a few seconds and I couldn't move but he was able to keep going around and killing me. Ugh. 😑
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            Anyone knows where to download this cheat game. Only cheat can cheat again cheater


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              Buenos días, me etiquetaron como tramposo pero no use nada siempre jugué limpio además metí dinero al juego como creen que voya usar hack no hay razón para perder mi cuenta