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Why Madfinger hide the Gatling !

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  • Why Madfinger hide the Gatling !

    Hello, Why can't you just post the Gatling on the forum heh ?

    I just dropped the "Gatling" "Legendary" Weapon today !

    Somehow this can only be used in campaign/solo ? i guess it's for PVP balance lol.

    here are the Stats of the big gun:

    Type: Heavy
    Quality: Legendary
    Power: 4000
    PowerMax: MAX
    Damage: 5556
    Range: 70meter
    Mobility: 84%
    Accuracy: 78.8%
    ClipSize: 250

    The in-game model is awesome and that damage output is a NUKLEON cleaner .

    I guess it was a bug when i dropped it, or is it an upcoming weapon ?

    Note to developers: On unkilled region EUROPE i can't find ANY OPPONENT what a great pvp with 0 players !

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    You mean this topic: ?
    But, the fact is, we have to change stats after the last balancing.
    By the way, yeah, gatling is available just for singleplayer.