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Game crashing when defending base

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  • Game crashing when defending base

    Hi since the new update the game has been crashing around 75% of the time when going to defend incomings in Skirmish Ops. When clicking to go to defend, the game will crash and auto restart, after which your base has been looted.

    I am running the game on an I pad pro 12.9'', 128gb wifi & cellular model. I have plenty of free space on the device and the crash happens regardless of other apps running at the time / no other apps running in the background.

    I have heard of others having this same issue complaining on the unkilled FB page. Please can you fix this ASAP.

    Thanks, regards Phil.
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    Originally posted by Deckard
    Hello Philip.

    We are aware of this bug and are working on a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience. By the way, have you tried re-installing the game?
    Hi Deckard

    No I have not tried deleting and reinstalling, I am too worried about loosing my progress / XP / weapons etc


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      This exact same thing just happened to me, while defending a base that I could have easily defended . Instead the game crashed and when I log back in, my base has been looted. I've noticed the game crashing before, maybe after the last update (not sure?), but this is the first time during a base defense. It has crashed a few times while I was on a mission, and when I return to the game the mission is "reset" as if I never chose to start it, and I've just started it again with no penalty. It is very annoying to have my base looted because of a crash, however.
      I'm playing on nVidia Shield, and I have not uninstalled/reinstalled. I guess that is my next course of action.
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