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Did the VIP chests change price?

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  • Did the VIP chests change price?

    I played Unkilled right up to Tier 7 in the story and 3*'d everything. With multiplayer not interesting me, I stopped playing for a few months. I come back with the release of Tier 8 levels and the game's power requirements demand that all my guns be epic weapons to get the remaining stars. That would be fine but the drop rate on epic blueprints is almost non-existent.

    i have over 900G saved so I go to the chests and the VIP chest is 1250G and is asking for £3.99 IAP for 5000G. I look about online (YouTube videos, Unkilled Wikia) and they show that the chests were at one time (June 2016) 125G.

    what happened? Was it a promotion I missed out on or did MadFinger up the price and I wasn't aware of it? Being only 5 levels from the end of the game, spending money on RNG drops that might not let me progress isn't worth it anymore and endlessly grinding for nothing isn't fun either.

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      With my power of a Necromancer, let me resurrect this post. Back in the day we have made major changes to the economy. Basically everything was increased tenfold, that goes for the sources of gold as well as prices. On first glance everything may seem more expensive but the increased gains make up for it. As for the VIP chest, this one is actually slightly cheaper compared to before since instead of 1250 (after the increase) it costs 1200.