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Consistantly failing to get credits for watching adverts.

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  • Consistantly failing to get credits for watching adverts.

    United Kingdom: The most reliable adverts that reward are those that afterwards state "Thanks for watching.". Particularly though, the ads that end with the little cross in the top right corner, are at least around 50% of the time failing to reward with any coins whatsoever.
    Considering the amount of adverts that you have to watch to get the Urban Combat Bundle (150 credits = at least 75 adverts) which is regularly needed if you want to play Skirmish mode with any reasonable enjoyment or success, then that is a very considerable amount of time, and adverts, that are totally unacceptably going without compensation... or at least with regards towards the end-user anyway.
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    Hello Zane,

    we are sorry for the inconvenience. The best thing in this case is to be patient.

    First of all, try to relaunch the app or play a mission. However, if the reward is not rewarded even after this, it means the problem is probably on Tapjoy's side and unfortunately we can’t do anything about it. Please try to contact Tapjoy directly at their support portal.

    Tapjoy Support Site:


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      Thanks for your prompt response.

      I have tried relaunching the app, rebooting the tablet, moving closer to the router, rebooting the router, closed all other non-essential background apps. I have tried everything that pretty much could be expected of an averagely proficient android user, to solve the issue. And this has been going on for well over a week now, maybe two. So it's not in any way a kneejerk reaction to a sudden and recent occurrence. Unfortunately (and rather worryingly for such a progress-reliant game) there doesn't seem to be a feature to make a cloud backup of my progress in any way. Otherwise I would even remove and then reinstall the game - which would actually seem to be a bit of a long shot to solve it anyway. I also think that i will be far from the only person suffering with this issue - which is genuinely detracting from the game at the moment.

      I'll try contacting Tapjoy - as it does seem to be more their department than yours. But suspect that my complaint won't have the clout to really set the wheels in motion for a determined solution at such a big advertising umbrella-company. It's seems too far along the chain and too much of a disconnect. But thanks again for the advice anyway.
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        You are always welcome. Let us know how it looks like!



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          Madfinger says that Tapjoy is good company. I happen to know there not, they just comfirmed a thousand or more people taken Tapjoy to the BBB for fraudulent business practice where people got paid for completing the actions for small cash rewards but did not get paid for the larger cash rewards and then when the people come to them with prof of completion Tapjoy comes up with a lie. One of two either the person did not download the app from them or did not complete a action. Recently I completed a task given by Tapjoy in a app called Popslot the task was to reach lvl 18. I downloaded the game through Topjoy and reach lvl 18 over a period of time. After reaching lvl 18 I waited 36 hour before having to submit a ticket for not receiving my gold reward of 990 gold in Shadowgun Legends. To note I sent them photo prof of my accomplishment. It took them two and half weeks with reward pending and picture of my completion for them to contact me saying (I 'm very sorry to inform you that the advertiser of the "Spin & Win to reach lvl 18 QUICK & EASY! " offer has determined that your transaction is ineligible for reward because as per the advertiser, this app was not installed through Tapjoy. Since the advertiser has made this decision, we will not be able to award your device for this offer). First off if I did not download the app from Tapjoy how are they able to track my progress. They lie and scam Madfinger's customers and or players out of the large sums of gold they ow us. End result will be Madfinger will lose players and customers due to the lies and scamming of Tapjoy .
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            Thank you for your report, we will look at it.

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            The day Madfinger will see that they should have checked Tapjoy for there fake business will be to late at that time no one will want to play any of there games due to Tapjoy screwing all the users out of the offers and people not wanting to be botherd by any company partnerd with Tapjoy. Oh and Madfinger must really need money to know Tapjoy is doing fraudulent things to there users and not taken care of this or saying sorry take it up with Tapjoy. News flash Madfinger your game your users you partner company your lose. I been playing Shadowgun Legends since beta now I won't even play there game until Tapjoy pays me my gold 990. I will not play anything of Madfingers due to there criminal partners. Madfinger watch your business go down the drain slowley it is just a matter of time and then you can thank your beloved Tapjoy 👮
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