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✦ Features : Lucky boxes, Scoreboard, Traps & zombies

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  • ✦ Features : Lucky boxes, Scoreboard, Traps & zombies

    Lucky Boxes

    Lucky Box appears on the map, being announced by a comment of the announcer. The green indicator that appears close to the crosshair shows the direction of the Lucky Box. The box is green and it has a question mark on it. When picked up, it provides a 'Power-up' to the player. The player can see the duration of the currently active power-up under the score tab.

    Power-ups are temporary and each of them has different duration. Currently the known power-ups are:

    ·········· Immortality: The player becomes invincible for a short period of time

    ·········· Melee Madness : Melee weapons temporarily receive a significant damage boost (It will kill normal zombies in 1 hit and Special zombies 2 or 4 hits)

    ·········· Score Boost : The amount of score the player gets is doubled

    ·········· Damage Rush : Significant increase to damage of all weapons

    ·········· Builder Rush : Decreases the time needed to perform operations. (e.g. setting traps, building barricades)


    Behind the borders of the accessible map, there's a big board which shows the player's score, the amount of kills, the number of current wave and the time of the current play. (The score is also visible on HUD, on the place where a mission objective indicator usually is)


    Springboards : Upon fully charging the spring, any zombie that steps on top of the trap will be launched into the air and out of the stadium, meaning instant kills. Special Zombies cannot be launched into the air and will restart the trap. If a Special steps on top of the trap, it will only teeter up for a second but otherwise, remained unscathed and continue its attack on the player. Faster Specials, such as the Rager will disengage the trap in its rush attack, but due to the delay of the spring, will cause no effect on the Rager, disengaging almost a full second after the sprinting Rager as passed over it on its rush course. It is recommended to draw a crowd of Zombies to the location, bait around the springboard area while standing within the spring to charge it and step off while leading the Zombies onto the board for clean kills. They are very useful for taking down large crowds to save grenades and when bullets are not enough.

    Impaler : Large metal spike, buried in the ground. One a zombie steps on it, it will be impaled right through the chest. It can insta-kill any type of zombie, whether it be a special or a normal zombie.

    Rope Trap : It is a rope tied on a metal bar. Once a zombie steps on it, the rope will be pulled up high from its foot, making it incapable of attacking. It can now be killed easily.


    The Arena includes most of the normal zombies the player can encounter during normal missions.

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