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    (| TARA | ❩

    In times of peace,
    Tara worked as a paramedic in Pittsburgh.
    Her whole family, co-workers from the hospital,
    simply everyone whom she knew and loved
    was massacred, infected or left behind.
    She managed to pick up her life and today,
    she fights on. She mixes up pain killers, assembles
    medkits or prepares bandages for those
    out there on the front line battling zombies.


    When Kyle is wandering through an alley,
    Tara is holding out in a building.

    When they meet, she offers to let
    him in, in exchange for repairing
    a nearby barricade.
    After he does, she lifts the gate, and lets him in.
    Later, she is separated from him
    by another gate,
    prompting him to create a distraction while
    she waits for him near her car.
    He takes a bit of time to clear out, and she changes her mind,
    telling him he has two minutes to get to her car or she'll leave.
    He makes it, and she hails him to her vehicle.

    She takes him to the Hideout, her base.
    She gives him some Gold to makes some Painkillers.


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