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DEAD TRIGGER 2 - Update 1.0.0

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  • DEAD TRIGGER 2 - Update 1.0.0

    What is new in 1.0.0
    Special Christmas Decorations and Gifts
    New Tournaments:
    Duel Tournaments: Choose your side and fight for your team (Dark side vs. Light side,
    Police vs. Thieves etc.)
    Headshots Star Tournament: Score as many headshots as you can
    Hunter Tournament: How many zombies can you trap?
    Gandhí Tournament: Survive in the arena as long as possible without killing
    Sprinter Tournament: Run the greatest distance
    Carnage Tournament: Show off your brutality and shoot zombies only in the limbs and heads
    New leaderboards for tournaments tours - cumulative scores, new prizes
    Many new deadly weapons:

    Viking Sword
    Sten Mk II Silencer
    Mauser C96
    LAR Grizzly Mark V
    MP 40
    Z Hunter Machete
    PP - 19 Bizon
    MAT 49

    New weapon Blueprints are only available in our tournaments!!!

    Share your feedback with us and ask any questions!

  • #2
    That´s unbelievable that we (PC players) waited this long for the update just to be rewarded with NOTHING on our games. It is with a lot of sadness that I´m unistalling dead trigger 2 from my games list.


    • #3
      and about pc users give the planes in the sand? if so disgusted madfingers


      • #4
        That's bs, it's bad enough we have to deal with all of the constant problems now we get left out of the new weapons and tournaments to! I'm really starting to hate madfingers


        • #5
          I love this game but...
          Please, please....Tournament for pc version! T____T
          Thanks for update.


          • #6
            I love this game but...

            Thanks for update.


            • #7
              i wished facebook have tourament


              • #8
                I like this game


                • #9
                  Suggestion :

                  - Create Team system in game ex : " Cowboys.. "

                  - New kit, choice The colour of weapon

                  - Specieal Tournament with Entry 100 gold

                  - New weapon , MPT ( milli piyade tufegi )

                  - Limited edition pack ex : P90 + Taurus only for 150 gold

                  - New planet : Mars ( only for lvl 50 ) with new missions

                  - Add coopération with New game engine

                  - New arène for lvl 55

                  Thanks for Reading,


                  • UrsusLuin | MFG
                    UrsusLuin | MFG commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Thanks for suggestions, we'll discuss them with the rest of the team.

                • #10
                  Add a location for the teams. And change its name every week for example. The number of Throll is annoying


                  • #11
                    nice to meet u, i am new in here and hope u can help me with some stuff. i"ve seen u have knowledge in games


                  • #12

                    Can you please answer if the tournament will be available for the ones who play this game on PC?
                    I hope you will respond....


                    • #13
                      please update version 1.0 to 1.1 on facebook


                      • #14
                        so if their isnt any known time for a tournament update on facebook can we not get the blueprints indefinitely ? . i was quite sad upon getting tech 5 and nothing showing up and playing the tourny on cell wouldnt work since it locks you too the phone version.