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  • big sound problem

    After some time in a mission weapon sounds get messed up this really ruins the gameplay some sounds of the weapons will be missing the cool sound you get when you hit a zombie with the machete will be gone after like 7 minutes in a mission same thing with the ithaca kyle will pump the ithaca with pump sound when you select it that first pump sound will be gone too after sometime in a mission i don't know about other weapons and again in the next mission sounds will be okay for sometime a fix please.
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    I played a lot of android games only dead trigger 2 has this problem MDF can fix this if they want to i only have problems like this on pc games never android this is something that really needs a fix sound doesn't cut out for a few seconds on android it cuts out for the rest of the mission and it's not just those two weapons some other weapons too i tested this problem on a one plus 5 and on a old galaxy note 3 same thing happens.
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      Hi Inaan, give us please more info if is possible here:

      * UID,
      * Pseudo,
      * e-mail,
      * Level,
      * Your phone/tablet/PC info (RAM, version of your operating system etc.) Thank you very much!