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[GUIDE] How To Recover Lost Account

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  • [GUIDE] How To Recover Lost Account

    Your game progress is saved on your account in our cloud. To get it back, you need to log in to your account. When you start the game, first try scrolling through saved accounts under the Play button.

    If you have the custom account:

    Tap on Login or Create Personal Account and select the option Login. Enter your username and password.

    What to do if you don't remember your username? First, check your email address for any email from MADFINGER games. If you linked your email address to your account, you received a notification from us that also included your username. If you didn't find this notification, send us a message directly and don't forget to include which email address you might have used in the past, or a screenshot of the purchase receipt of your past purchase and we should be able to look up your account.

    If you have the Facebook account:

    Tap on Login or Create Personal Account and select the Facebook option. A big Facebook icon will pop up - tap on it and log in to your Facebook profile.

    What to do if the game says "Authentication failed?" Send us a message directly with your nickname and email address. We will "migrate" your account into a custom one, which means that you will be using a username and password to log in.

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    Thank Big Boss !


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      hola, me sale eso pero no puedo abrir con facebook, que hago si no puedo , si ya envie el correo cual es el tiempo de espera


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        Hello huevote45, we can "migrate" your account - this means that it will have a username and a password that you will use to log in to the game. If you sent us an email, we will (or already have) do it like this.


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          Hola, he tenido problemas al intentar recuperar mi contraseƱa, queria saber si hay alguien que me pueda ayudar.


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            Hi, we can help you with that - send us your username and email address (preferably, directly from the game).


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              Nouze is my username on the game I would like recovered the email is [email protected] Ohio have epilepsy so I lose a lot of phones or have them taken from me but that doesn't mean l haven't spent a lot of money on the weapons l liked because I liked the game I would be playing it for a while to come I mean the golden scar was 49.00and what I have to loose the stuff I purchased because why?? Best of luck helping me I really appreciate it very much


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                Hey Troy, I've sent you a link to migrate your account. This will allow you to create a new username and password and continue playing. When creating a password, make sure it is at least 8 characters long. Finally, the link will be active for 24 hours.


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                  After the last update, I can't access my account through facebook, it's logged in on a spartphone and I can't log in to another one like I always did, I'm afraid of losing my account


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                    Hi, the Facebook login issue is now resolved and you can use Facebook to log in to your account again.