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No geting new missions

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  • No geting new missions

    I am not getting new missions in region 7 (tech rank 7) even after unlocking it. I am only getting miscellaneous missions. Why can't I proceed in the game?

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    When are there going to be new missions? Everyone wants to know. It appears that new mission development has ceased. I have reached level 44 Tech 10 and earned over $45M what is there left to do except buy new weapons for the same missions? This is the best FPS out there, I understand DT2 has been around awhile and Legends is new and very popular but not everyone wants to leave DT2. If you are a loyal DT2 Fan, please let Mad Finger know not to abandon our beloved DT2! Thanks for creating a FPS that brings so much entertainment.


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      I cant see more missions in (tech 6 or 7 ) why ???