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  • Username:Kahiau
    Stats:24k and 15d
    Previous clans: none
    I would like to join xyz because I like your play styles and the way tthe team works together and has a lot of respect also most of the players in this clan is well skilled I would like to be aside you guys in battle .
    Play style: rushing
    Weapons: agony\warmonger and shotgun\rockets sometimes sniper depends what map .
    Playtime: usually on between 12pm to 12am Hawaii time .
    I agree of XYZ rules and terms
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    • Glad to see the clan still up and running!! Miss you guys
      Nickname: Pop-Up
      Clan: [XYZ]



      • Princess Luna
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        I wonder how you found this place

    • Originally posted by DanRK4 View Post
      Glad to see the clan still up and running!! Miss you guys
      Hey there, Dan.

      We miss you too. It has been long time no see. And yeah we continue, btw the list is a bit outdated. Gonna work on that soon. All the best, Dan!!!
      D E U S



      • Originally posted by XYZ View Post

        manglam I know the feeling
        mike, mohit, posse;
        Please submit a valid application

        I am back,manglam from asia,goes by name of [XYZ] Mang


        • Username: emmik12891
          Nickname: Emmii
          Server: EU+1
          Rank: 54
          Recent Matches: 20k kills.
          I like XYZ, they are very good team and i played with people from XYZ.
          I know i will im fit good. Playstyle: rusher , tactical. i can play evrey day. Any gun.
          And dont forget to write a message ingame like this "xyz new member" to any XYZer who want to check and test you at that time if you see them playing ingame, so we will know who are you.
          i agree with the rules.


          • USERNAME: advaitmanke
            NICKNAME: Itachi Uchiha
            SERVER: Asia
            RANK: 40 (was 56 but forgot the password of the account)
            STATS: 6.5K and 5.9 deaths
            RECENT MATCHES : Sorry, deleted my ss

            -why you want to be a part of XYZ- I like your clan's idea and spirit. I also met some of your players and like their playstyle very much, I think I will fit in
            -your playstyle: rusher and tactical, Mostly use machine guns and snipers but can use others very well (except rockets).
            -what time you usually play the most: Available at weekends and some times in weekdays
            _if you agree with the rules:
            I agree with the rules
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            • Hello everybody I'm Fukushima and I'm back since a long time away. I hope I'm still a XYZ member I think I entered the clan in 2013/2014 and then I stopped playing shadowgun but here I'm