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  • Feedback to ZB clan

    Hi ZB. This post may hurt your clan but I still find a need to say this. Initially, I respected ZB clan as I seen them playing like Pros. However due to today conversion with ZB FB admin, I have a bad impression on ZB by which I think that ZB IS A RACIST CLAN AND ZB MEMBERS ARE RUDE and not worth of my respect anymore.
    This is because on the 14th December 2016, I message ZB FB page to confirm if ZB recruiting mobile players as I am keen to join. After a while, one of the FB admin replied me saying yes but I will not accept you Chinese fuckers. Fortunately, I am not Chinese(lol). But due to this "Chinese fuckers", I did not want to join their clan anymore and lost respect with them.
    Note: If u want to reject Chinese please says it politely and mind your manners.
    Hope you understand this. Thanks.

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    ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      I have been asked many times to create an intro, and I'm in ZB. I'm a veteran member. I can help, do you want me to?

      Joseph S. Wren

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        Great that here we can find answers to our questions. It's important for me when the site is full of useful info. But I can find info about one my question. How many pages should a resume be in 2019? If you help me it''ll be awesome.