Just tried making a map which became to be a cool one
Its not completed yet
I need to texturize it , make it more bigger
Also need to get new type of stairs
Also tried adding a trap like troll which im thinking to remove
Overall its just a test map which needs more improvements , it has few erros will be fixed soon
It has many stops for doing dropshots :v
See the video and tell me how is it keeping in mind its not a finished version,which is just built to test and see what improvements we can do
Watch the video carefully and letme know how is it and what improvements/additions you guys need me to do
Also this map works at 57 fps on a 1 gb ram android device which is pretty awesome and hope mfg accepts it when it is completed
Ill provide links for the whole project till tomorrow to let you guys test it out

The video :- https://youtu.be/6mcS13XZpfo

Also need some name for the map
Any suggestions?