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New ComZone online for map testing

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  • New ComZone online for map testing

    You want to test some new maps? Go to

    Server is in EU so don´t complain about lag if you are from US or ASIA…

    Hurry up - i only paid the server for one month
    Username: milan8888
    Nick: [ZB] Ibuprofen

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    now also available for Android players
    Username: milan8888
    Nick: [ZB] Ibuprofen


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      Good work niggaz!


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        Hello Milan,

        After a first glance on it I have to say that you made very good job with that.

        Nevertheless we have some points for you and I would like to make it clear for everyone.

        1) Page visualization. Unfortunately, your page reminds us our official page. Also the logo looks like that the company creates this. Please could you change the logo of MFG and font and replace it for example with SG_DZ logo or you own?

        2) The donation system. Me personally, I am not happy with this solution, however I do understand that you need to finance your server. What happens with the money is on you and not MFG. Therefore I would like you to remove any connection from that page to us.
        Also, please, If you could add a sentence that "the comm project is based on GM kit assets and provided from MFG, but MFG doesn't take any responsibility for that", could be great.

        So that was the company stuff we had to deal with a little bit.

        Regarding the gameplay. I have to say that you really improved your skills and it looks very good. Keep going pal!

        Have a good day


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          Hey Slade(hopefully not Wilson haha),

          We have done a small change in the website today. Basically we removed the MFG logo(it was there placed next to an info message which got removed after another change)

          I've added a notification page that pops up when you first visit the site. It should explain pretty much everything to people; will be adjusted if needed.


          • JohnSlade
            JohnSlade commented
            Editing a comment
            I have seen that. Thank you very much! Good Job guys!