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  • What Happened??????

    So I have been gone for several years...I started the KU clan 4 years ago and then let it go for personal reasons. I joined KO and TS but hung with GZR...I never see the old players anymore or old clans anymore. Do they even exist? XYZ? PTA? And what is with the unlimited ranking system?? ---Captain Janeway

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    I have no idea about where legendary Clans disappear, but the ranking system isn't unlimited, I think Maximum lvl is 100 now


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      Well, this is gonna count as necro-posting, but for the sake of informing you, here it goes.
      - After 6 months of PC Beta development, MFG scrapped releasing the PC version to the public due to "political reasons"
      - Most clans are dead or dying.
      - Most lobbies are dying or dead with the American region now having player traffic equivalent to Asia back when it was still largely popular
      - Official Shadowgun community is dwindling in growth - from around 15k to 14k, while the SGDZ America community group continues to grow
      - There's still tournaments going on with Asia having a DM King Tournament and in the US server, the SGDZ Battle of Champions
      It is going to be likely, in the future once Shadowgun: Wargames is released to the public, will Shadowgun: Deadzone be closed down. Although not set in stone from MAD Stream 48, this is probably the plan.

      Have a nice day,

      ~ FBlast
      [DRI]| |FBlast
      Time flies, doesn't it?