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  • Ganji Strongbox Problem

    Each Ganji Strongbox has a list of 11 possible items. I have already acquired every item and I either kept a particular item, or sold it because it didn’t interest me. I have already paid for keys to open about 20 or more strongboxes. I no longer have any interest in any of the items contained in the Ganji Strongbox. The problem I have is that I currently have 14 of these boxes in my inventory. I’ve purposely dropped about 9 of these boxes before returning to the Hub after completing an arena, or a mission, or whatever. I don’t always remember to drop them before returning to the Hub, so they are starting to pile up in my inventory.

    Kiss this Mask (sold it - no interest)
    T-Rex (sold it - no interest)
    Deck Scratcher (own it, never use it)
    Kaptain Killzone (sold it)
    Swat Ballistic Shield (sold it)
    Whiteout Shades (bought it, never wear them)
    Haidate (sold it)
    Rockstar Red (no interest)
    Blue Viper Camo (no interest)
    Best! (own it, rarely ever use it)
    Ultra Night Blue (no interest)

    If I could, I would scrap all of the boxes, or give them away, or sell them to Willow or Big Red for $1 since my bank is always maxed out at $750,000 anyway.

    I acquire these strongboxes pretty quickly. I kill a lot of aliens. I’m currently rank 158 with 4,861,616 fame and 228,763 alien kills. When I look at the Hall of Fame leaderboard and inspect the top 5 players that have between 11 million and 15 million fame, only 2 of them have slightly more alien kills than me. Obviously these players acquired much of their fame playing PvP, so they probably don’t collect these strongboxes as quickly I do. So for some players, these boxes don’t present a problem, but for me, and other die hard alien killers, they do present a problem.

    A month or so ago I spent 640 gold just to open 8 boxes, just so I could get them all out of my inventory, and I spent another 400 gold on 5 keys, just so I could get rid of any boxes I acquired in the future. Well, I used up those 5 keys, now I have 14 more boxes, lol. And that not counting the 9 I dropped before returning to the Hub, otherwise I would have 25 boxes in my inventory right now.

    Please offer players a way to sell these boxes or get rid of them somehow. I don’t want to spend 1120 gold just to open 14 boxes knowing that I’m just going to sell all of the items and gain nothing. I would consider it a loss. These boxes are supposed to be a reward, but they kind of feel like the opposite of a reward since they’re becoming a clutter problem for me. I really need the inventory space. I don’t need a 5th T-Rex head, but thanks anyway. LoL

    This is what my inventory currently looks like...
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    Hey Suicidal, thank you for sharing your feedback. I will pass it on to the right ears :-)


    • -Talos-
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      I concur with Suicidal's post, but we should be able to trade them for gold instead of money. They are of some value, right? Otherwise we would collect strongboxes as we do epics in the arena, see where I'm going? Bottom line, some reward for selling, more than "a fist full of dollars".

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    Thank you. Much appreciated : )
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      I’ve already acquired 3 more in the past day. Just to give you a good idea of how fast they pile up. LoL
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