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  • IO Crashing

    So has the crashing while using IOS devices been fixed? Or is it on my tablet/IPAD? Read several saying they are having the same issue but haven’t heard of a solution.
    Thanks Great Game

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    A lot of iOS users are jonesing real bad. Unfortunately there are no SGL rehabs to check into, or any SGL Anonymous meetings to go to. If iOS users knew weeks in advance that the 0.7.5 patch was going to be unplayable, they might have tapered off the game a bit. Going cold turkey is hazardous. Users are starting to go through DT’s and having seizures, night sweats, and seeing hallucinations of little green grunts crawling all over their body. When a patch releases that fixes the problems and iOS users are able to play the game again, many iOS users are likely going to binge-play for 3 days straight and overdose while playing Hive Mind. The high amount of in-app purchases being made might overload the shopping cart technology and break the App Store. The SGL team is probably going to have to resort to alternate methods of dealing with all the money flooding in, and they will probably have to start packing all the money into 50 gallon drums and burying it in the desert like The Cook from Breaking Bad.


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      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All...

      I will be one of the first to again purchase Gold...if I can ever sign on.

      Here is my latest concern:

      With iOS users ability to stay logged in compromised, we will be unable to gather Jingly Bells in order to purchase the sweet merch Pedro is offering as reward.

      Will we be compensated for our lack of Bells?

      Does anyone have the Bells to fix this?

      We are all anxious to see all the new Bells and Whistles in the update...Let's get on the Bell people!

      (Collective groans ring out from everyone) 😩

      Ok..ok...seriously...can we get a status report?

      Thanks for everything you do. Cheers!

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        I’m sure a lot of iOS users want to ask the same question. I personally never like asking for a progress report, or an ETA. I just assume that the developers are doing their best to fix the problem as quickly as possible. They have a good reputation when it comes to fixing any problems that arise such as this. It’s only been about a week, but I’m definitely feeling a bit anxious.

        As far as compensation is concerned, they developers have been known to offer such things to all users in the past, but I would imagine that the circumstances might be a little different this time since Android users are currently not experiencing the problems that iOS users are experiencing.

        If iOS users would like to be compensated, it might not be possible to offer compensation to iOS users only. If compensation was offered, it might seem a little unfair if Android users were given the same compensation, especially since they have already been receiving a very generous amount of holiday rewards. Besides bells, the game is dropping legendary items like crazy, all epic loot is dropping with much better perks, gift boxes are dropping all over the place that offer a variety of random surprises, and the stores are selling all sorts of cool new items. Android users have already finished 1 event and have started a 2nd event. So yeah, I think Android users have received more than enough already, including the great fortune of actual being able to play the game.

        With every special event there are special items that can be purchased using special credits. Currently users are purchasing special event items using the bells they collect as credits. Events can last a very long time, but players usually only get 1 chance within a 6 hour time frame to buy a specialty item that has amazing perks, which is why some players have acquired shoulder gear in the past that offered a total of 27% critical damage. I currently use shoulder gear that only offers a total of 21% critical damage, and I was sad that I missed the chance to acquire the 27% critical shoulders in the past. Anyway, besides the fact that iOS users are missing out on the special events, they might have already permanently missed out on the chance to acquire specialty items that offered amazing perks. When iOS users discover later that they missed the chance to acquire such items, they might feel the urge to throw a chair across the room and break a few things, lol.

        I remember when I reached rank 200 on the leaderboard, I was very happy to have finally made it into the top 200. I then played the game more heavily and put a lot of time and effort in, and I reached rank 150. It took a very long time. Since the release of patch 0.7.5 my rank has dropped from 150 to 176 in 1 week, which was a bit upsetting. If a patch released today that fixed the problems for iOS users, it would take me over a month of heavy playing to get back to rank 150 again. There’s no way for the developers to compensate my rank, but it’s ok, I understand.

        I’m more concerned about the big picture. It seems obvious to me that this game has always been more of an Android friendly game. I worry that even after a patch is released that fixes the problems that iOS users are currently experiencing - that these problems might arise again in the future. I’m currently running iOS 12.1 and there are definitely a lot of problems with the operating system, so it’s very possible that the problems iOS users are experiencing with the game are the result of iOS simply being problematic in general.

        The solution for iOS users might be as simple as putting an Android on their holiday wish list this year.

        If the developers do offer any compensation, I don’t think it would be fair for Android users to receive the same compensation, but whatever. Even if the developers were to try to figure out a way to offer compensation to iOS users only, I’m sure the Android users would figure out a way to get their hands on it too, lol. I have nothing against Android users, I just think they received more than enough already.

        I personally do not want any compensation. The SGL team has already apologized for the inconvenience, and are doing their best to fix the problem as soon as possible, which is good enough for me. I just hope that a patch is released before Christmas that will fix the problems that iOS users are experiencing. I’m one of those people that gets depressed around the holidays, especially when Christmas arrives, and I know I would feel a lot less depressed if I were to be able to play this game before Christmas. But don’t worry about me, just because I’ve been using the same alias name for nearly 20 years, doesn’t mean that I will actually live up to my name and go through with it, lol. And for the record, I didn’t choose my alias name, it was just a nickname that my gaming friends used to call me because of my gaming style, and the name stuck, so I decided to give in and stick with it. Since then it has become more of my developer alias, but I’m more commonly called “Sui” by my gaming friends and fellow developers.

        I have a lot of confidence in the SGL team, and I have a lot of patience. Even if the developers are not able to release a patch that will fix the problem before Christmas, I will completely understand. I know they are doing the best they can, and they will tell you exactly that if asked. As far as an ETA is concerned, I’d rather not ask and just keep my fingers crossed. If the next patch is not due to release until after Christmas passes, I don’t want to know about it.

        I think I’m going reinstall Dead Trigger 2 right now to keep myself occupied. Even though I already unlocked every weapon and completed every achievement in Dead Trigger 2, I kind of miss playing it. I highly recommend Dead Trigger 2 if you haven’t tried it yet. If you’re an iOS user, Dead Trigger 2 is definitely a good game to play if you’re looking for something to pass the time away until a new hot fix patch releases for SGL.

        Happy Holidays

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          Hello Sui:

          Thank you for the wealth of information, as well as sharing your obvious deep understanding and knowledge of these matters.

          I am just an old, disabled guy that finally found a game I really enjoyed and could somewhat successfully navigate for short periods. My apologies if it felt a bit too insistent. My disability severely inhibits my ability to use my hands on a device as small as a phone (thus, I use an iPad)...and I am far too old, too ignorant, too stubborn and too poor to make the switch to a non Apple tablet.

          This one was a gift after the onset of my malady to encourage social interaction. 🤝

          I see the validity of your points regarding compensation, but I do actually believe that *most* non iOS users would understand a bit of recompense for our frustration...and if it's sent directly to the iOS users...would *most* even know or care enough to object?

          Because my one-finger typing skills are limiting, my posts are similarly limited in their scope and depth...but I do appreciate your responses!

          Stay strong, my iOS Brethren!



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            I have sent sent what may well be my last correspondence to MFG regarding this iOS issue.

            I pleaded for some sort of feedback (I have thus far received only the auto generated email response), and told them of my intent to delete the game and write a very dispositive 1 star review in the App Store, should they continue to stay silent.

            It pains me to be forced to abandon this game, but the thought of playing catch-up for a month or two due to Developer issues is disheartening, disappointing and overwhelming.

            I am fully aware that my disapproval and deletion of this game means figuratively less than nothing to MFG (and anyone else here) since they already have my money, but when someone like myself - of very limited financial means as well as physical disabilities - supports a Develper with RL's a serious matter when they ignore your complete inability to participate.

            Thank you for reading and I wish you all good fortune...



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              Hi Nexus. Madfinger Games and the SGL team are very good at responding, and they won’t ever ignore you.

              The problems you’re experiencing started to occur on December 7th, it has only been 5 work days since then. There might be developers putting in overtime and working round the clock to fix the problems with the game, but I don’t think you’ll get a response on a weekend, or outside normal business hours. If you contacted the SGL team on a Wednesday, it usually takes a couple of days for your case number to be assigned to a member of their support team. With the overwhelming amount of cases they are probably dealing with right now, I think it’s understandable that it might take a little longer than normal for a member of their team to respond back to you. My guess is that they probably received your case on Friday, but probably won’t be able to get around to responding to your case number until Monday. Trust me, they’re not staying silent, they would never do that to you. I’m sure they’re doing the best they can.

              I was the first to start a thread regarding the problems iOS users are experiencing, and the SGL team has already publicly apologized in that thread for the inconvenience that iOS users are experiencing, and they’ve also stated that they are doing their best to fix the problem as soon as possible. I understand that you would like a fast email response, and that you also want the game to be fixed right away, but try to understand that these things do take time. The 0.7.5 patch was probably their biggest and best patch yet.

              I’ve dealt with a lot of game companies, many on a first name basis, and I can easily say that the SGL team offers the best support I’ve ever seen. They’ve also responded to me much faster than other game companies have. They are very friendly, understanding, considerate, and generous, which are qualities that you would be hard pressed to find from another game company.

              Just hang in there man. I can’t play the game either. There are a lot of players patiently waiting. I’ve been playing this game since March and this is the first time something like this has happened, and it’s unfortunate, but it’s not something that should cause anybody to give the game a bad review. It’s just a small bump in the road. Again, it’s only been a week.

              I personally feel bad for your situation, and I’m sorry things are difficult for you, but I strongly suggest that you don’t uninstall the game. It’s an awesome game. There really isn’t a better mobile game out there. All I can suggest is - that you could simply play different game to pass the time away until they fix everything.


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                They just released a new patch. It was probably made available before I finished posting the message above.


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                  Thanks for the dispassionate, objective view.

                  I do realize mine is a reserved knee-jerk well as a bit of a vent/rant.

                  I'll hang in for a bit. Who knows? Perhaps this could become one of those rare times in life that Loyalty will be rewarded in some small manner...

                  Much appreciation for the level headed, measured support.

                  Cheers, Mate!

                  P.S. - Thanks MFG...I know you're working on it.


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                    Installed the patch. Keep Hope alive!

                    Restarted. Crashed. Restarted. Crashed. Powered down iPad. Restarted. Crashed. Restarted. Crashed.

                    Lather - Rinse- Repeat...

                    I have no words.


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                      I promise we are working our asses off to get this fixed! Hang in there! Sorry for the troubles! We know how frustrating this can be... really.


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                        Thank you JohnSlade for the communication.

                        I suppose we can think of this in complimentary terms; if we didn't enjoy Madfinger's games so very much, losing out on playing time would mean very little!

                        I actually DO realize corrections take is appreciated.

                        Many thanks to all at MFG for your diligence.



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                          Thanks John.

                          iPhone 6 has 1 gig of ram and a slow processor.

                          iPhone 6s has 2 gigs of ram and a faster processor, which is why I think it’s more important to test the game on an iPhone 6 than a 6s.

                          There a few games in the App Store that require a minimum of 2 gigs of ram.

                          This game used to play great on my iPhone 6 when it first released, but I don’t know if the game has become more demanding of ram throughout the release of many patches.


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                            On the initial splash page - the one that shows RANK - it now says I have dropped from RANK 27 to RANK 20!

                            I CANNOT start any missions...or any EXP gameplay of ANY kind!

                            If I dropped 7 RANKS in 10 days, what will ultimately happen to our characters if you allow this to continue?

                            At the very least...stop the bloodletting for those of us using iOS! Your bug (or glitch or whatever the proper term is this month) is costing us more than simple gameplay; the significant investment of time, money and effort is being STOLEN from us by no fault of our own.

                            A few days to find and repair a game problem, without repercussions to our character investment is understandable. This fiasco is now unacceptable.

                            Faith has it's limits. I just reached mine...and from what I'm reading, I'm not alone.


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                              I remember over the summer, I spent over 2 hours in the dark, underground, on a broken down NYC subway, packed to the gills like a can of sardines, standing the entire time, feet killing me, 5 people pressed up against me, temperatures over 100 degrees, sweating my ass off, and I had to pee so bad I thought I was gonna piss my pants. Nobody bitched, moaned, or complained, because they all knew it wasn’t going to help the situation, nor was it going to make the subway start moving. Shit happens. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but it wasn’t the worst experience either. I’ve been through much, much worse. It wasn’t the first time I’ve been on a broken down subway either.

                              I was back riding the subway the next day. I bet there wasn’t a single person on that broken down subway that said to themselves, “I’m never going to ride on the subway ever again”. I bet they were all riding that subway the next day too.

                              So the game broke down. So what. No big deal. It’s not the worst thing in the world. It’s really not worth getting upset about. Complaining definitely isn’t going to help, nor will it cause things to be fixed any faster.

                              I don’t know about the rest of ya, but I’m gonna hang in there for as long as it takes. I’m laying on a comfy couch right now. I just ate some delicious pizza. Quite honestly, I would prefer that the developers take their time and do it right. If they rush, they might make mistakes. I have faith in them. So I missed out on some bells and other fun stuff. Whatever. Who cares. I really don’t need any of that stuff anyway. All I need is a good assault rifle and a lot of aliens trying to kill me, and I’m happy.

                              I paid $5 at the App Store for a game called “New ‘n’ Tasty”, and I’m having a blast passing the time away playing it. It’s just a silly game, but it’s definitely keeping my mind occupied. The story line behind it is pretty funny.