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    Originally posted by LordNexus View Post

    On the initial splash page - the one that shows RANK - it now says I have dropped from RANK 27 to RANK 20!

    I CANNOT start any missions...or any EXP gameplay of ANY kind!

    If I dropped 7 RANKS in 10 days, what will ultimately happen to our characters if you allow this to continue?

    At the very least...stop the bloodletting for those of us using iOS! Your bug (or glitch or whatever the proper term is this month) is costing us more than simple gameplay; the significant investment of time, money and effort is being STOLEN from us by no fault of our own.

    A few days to find and repair a game problem, without repercussions to our character investment is understandable. This fiasco is now unacceptable.

    Faith has it's limits. I just reached mine...and from what I'm reading, I'm not alone.

    That was a bug or something new they are working on.
    The highest Rank has always been 20...till that loading page showed up.


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      Nothing quite like trivializing and minimizing someone's opinion.

      Forum attitudes - and in game behavior - like this are precisely why I never participated in forum discussions or in game chat...and I never will again.