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It’s been 1 month. The game is still unplayable on iPhone 6

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  • It’s been 1 month. The game is still unplayable on iPhone 6

    I haven’t been able to play the game without constantly crashing since patch 0.7.5 released.

    Hot fix Patch 0.7.6 specifically stated that it fixed the crashing problems with iPhone 6s and lower. It is the first thing stated it in the patch release notes in the App Store.

    I own an iPhone 6, and not only did the 0.7.6 patch fail to fix the crashing problems for me, but it made the crashing problems worse. Then patch 0.7.7 released and the game became completely unplayable for me. How could this possibly happen?

    If the developers actually tested the game on an iPhone 6, they would’ve known that patch 0.7.6 didn’t fix the crashing problems, so I can only assume that none of the developers tested the 0.7.6 patch on an iPhone 6 before releasing the patch. Patch 0.7.7 didn’t seem to address the crashing issues either, which leaves me feeling that the next patch won’t either.

    Please fix the crashing issues that iOS users are experiencing.

    In the meantime, it would help if we could get a progress report or an estimated date when a patch will release that will fix the crashing problems.

    I’m literally about to spend over $800 on a new Android Razer Phone 2 (gaming phone) because Android users are not experiencing crashing problems. I’d honestly rather not have to do buy a new phone just to play this game. And I would be upset if I purchased a very expensive new Android phone, and days later see a patch released that fixes the crashing problems that iOS users are experiencing.

    If the crashing issues cannot be fixed, please let us know, and update the device requirements. Currently the device requirements in the app store state that this game can be played on an iPhone 5.

    I’m not angry or upset. I just want to know what’s going on.

    Thank you

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    Hello Sui:

    I feel your pain - I truly do.

    Unfortunately, those of us without the means to simply purchase a new Android device are left unable to play at all.

    MFG has truly forsaken iOS users. That being said...

    When last I posted, I was excoriated and lambasted by others for my impatience and neophitic behavior when I actually asked for an update on MFG's progress, and a specific answer as to why they were not responding to concerns posted by fellow iOS users. I now see that you have asked the IDENTICAL questions. 🤔

    It's now evident I was simply ahead of the curve.

    Your hardware/software knowledge is obviously far superior to most players, and I respect and admire that; I have no doubt others who post here do as well. I would only ask that those of us who merely play and vent our frustration - as best we can - not be raked over the coals for it.

    It is my fervent hope that your posts carry enough gravitas to garner MFG's attention.

    Again, thank you for your lucid, and well thought out posts.



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      I don’t have money to just throw around. Buying a new android just to play this game is definitely not in my budget right now. I’m actually worried that if I spend a lot of money on a new phone just to play this game, that I will suddenly like the game a lot less and possibly hold some resentment. The SGL team makes good money, and I’m about to Iose a lot of money, all because I feel like I’ve been put in a position where I now feel obligated to spend close to $1000 if I want to play this game again. I was enjoying the game just fine on my iPhone before all these problems occurred.

      I think I just saw a tumbleweed blow by.

      There are like maybe, what, 3 or 4 active members of this forum. Really, where the hell is everbody? On Facebook? Twitter? Or some other Muppet app?

      I’m not a big fan of social media. Too many freaks. Too much bullshit to keep up with. Too many Muppets.

      I haven’t bought a new Android yet.

      After a month of not being able to play the game and see my friends in the game, I’m starting to feel a bit alienated, like my friends probably forgot all about me, and they probably think I stopped playing the game by choice and moved on to do other things in my spare time for fun, which is not the case, but it’s kind of what I’m now starting to think I should do.

      With all the patches that came out since the game released, and all the special events, and all the great improvements and new content added to the game, I missed out on the best month of it all. A lot of us did.

      I found this game to be extremely addictive, but I’m definitely not feeling addicted to it right now. Not after a 30 day cold turkey detox, which definitely wasn’t by choice. And I remember feeling so excited about patch 0.7.5 and what it was going to offer. Only to find out that I couldn’t play it at all. Major bummer. I definitely didn’t see that coming.

      I’ve got a bit of thinking to do. I think I need to get my priorities straight before I invest another minute of my time or another cent of my money on anything that could very possibly be a big mistake.

      I’m a web developer by trade. Game development has been more than just a hobby, it’s been an enormous part of my life. I’ve always kept up with the latest and best games, and learned everything about the editors and coding. I’ve always got involved, and in many cases became part of some really great development teams. Very rarely have I ever decided to fold and and walk away from the table. I’m holding a losing hand right now. So either I go all in and put all my chips on the table and buy an expensive phone, or walk away, keep what I have, and consider all of the time and money I invested in this game to be a huge loss. Either way, I won’t come out feeling like a winner.

      I’m about to enter the Image Verification code just to post this message. It will probably fail several times like it always does. Then I’ll finally succeed and post my message, only to the discover typos and need to edit my message, which is when I have to struggle with the completely possessed editing system.

      I’ve designed so many forum boards for so many games, I’ve lost count. I’ve gotta say, besides this forum feeling like a ghost town, this is absolutely the worst forum board I’ve ever used. There are so many better forums out there. I have no idea why Madfinger Games chose vBulletin. I just don’t get it. LoL

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        i play on an iPad Air and ive had the same problem since 0.7.5, i contacted support the day the update came and they said they were working on it and i even contacted them this week and they still say they’re working on it, i was expecting this to get fixed quickly as its a really major bug but eh
        anyways the SGL server in the Discord app is pretty active if you’re looking for the community


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          I have discord. I use it from time to time, but if I can’t play the game, being on discord makes me feel like a troll.


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            Just noticed today that I dropped from rank 150 to 509. Not happy.