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  • Buff Bugs and other Buff Issues

    I stumbled on a way to get 2 projectile resistance buffs. I don't want to explain how this bug occurs or players will definitely exploit the bug. When the bug occurs, it causes 1 of the 2 projectile resistance buffs to never expire, which makes it possible to continuously get an additional projectile resistance buff. This is definitely not a good bug. If players do figure out how to do this, they will abuse it since it offers an insane amount of projectile resistance.

    Another bug with buffs... Very often I will replenish my buffs before they expire, and if I join a PvP match with fresh buffs and lose my connection, after I reconnect and join the fight, I am given back my old buffs that we're about to expire, which really sucks since they then expire while I'm playing PvP.

    I've said it several times before. Buffs should be changed so they never expire ever, even if you don't play the game for a week. The bar and casino should be used to change your buffs. Players prefer certain buffs for certain game modes, so they will still use the bar and casino often to change their buffs when needed, but buffs should never expire.

    I use a projectile resistance buff when I play PvP, Gold Arena, or Hive Mind. I don't use a projectile resistance buff for easy dungeons or missions ever. I rarely ever get hit when I play a mission.

    A 15% Damage to Elites buff is useless in PvP and missions since there are no elite enemy in PvP and almost none in missions.

    PvP suffers tremendously when your in a squad and your squad members constantly need to get new buffs. It adds too much wait time and it ruins the game. If buffs never expired ever, it would completely eliminate the long wait time.

    Buffs don't last long enough when playing Gold Arena or Hive Mind when playing with newb teammates, and the buffs run out when they are needed most at the very difficult end of both of these wargames.

    When trying to get buffs, I'm very often given a buff I don't want, and after drinking a shot of booze and a detox drink, I wait a while and receive the same unwanted buff again - eight times in a row or more. Sometimes I get 1 buff that I want, and it takes me several minutes to get a 2nd buff that I want, and by then my 1st buff has already depleted a great deal, so I have to get rid of it and start from scratch. This is extremely frustrating and just the most incredibly ridiculous functionality. It would be easier if players could simply enter either the bar or casino and select the buffs they want from a menu, and the bar and casino should offer the same list of buffs.

    Players using a low end mobile device endure a severe amount of game lag when entering the bar and casino, and the lag doesn't go away. The lag is even more severe if you need to get 1 buff from the bar, and another from the casino. If buffs were changed so they never expire, it would greatly reduced the need to enter the bar or casino, and keep players lag free and happy.

    A menu should be offered where players can simply pick the buffs they want. The menu should offer all of the different buffs so players can get the exact buffs they want from 1 location. The menu should be also be offered at the "Trooper's Burgers and More" store next to Nitro. Then players could change their buffs very fast and they wouldn't need to enter the bar or casino unless they want to get drunk or gamble. This would make the most sense.

    No what doesn't make sense? Buffs that expire. Give me 1 good reason why a buff should expire. You can't. Because it doesn't make any sense. Players are always going to get the buffs they want, but the current functionality is the complete opposite of user friendly. It's a user piss off. It's a stupid system, it's extremely frustrating, and it's a huge time waster. Players don't enjoy getting the same unwanted buff several times in a row and getting pissed off and screaming "WTF!!!". Or is that somebody's idea of fun? It's not fun. It's extremely unfriendly, and that's a fact. I'm just telling it like it is. Sorry. Please change it to be user friendly.

    I want to go to Trooper's Burgers and More and use a menu to get a 9% Damage buff and a 15% Critical Damage buff and play missions for a few hours without worrying about my buffs ever expiring. I don't want to enter the bar unless I need to get a new mission from Sarah. I never want to enter the casino since the slot machines give me a nasty headache. I just want to play the game and kill shit. I don't ever want to waste any time in the laggy bar and casino waiting for the buffs I want. If this game had a stat for total time wasted waiting for buffs, I would probably have over 30 hours logged waiting for buffs.
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