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    When clicking on the shopping cart in the top right corner, and then clicking on bundles, there are several bundles that I would like to give as gift to friends, but I can't. I've actually sent money through PayPal to friends so they could purchase things that I could not send as a gift to them. Please make it so all bundles and items can be given as gifts at the cost of gold. I've also sent weapons to friends that were too low in rank to use them because I'm rank 27 and they were not, which I can understand, but it's still kind of stinks that I bought them a weapon and they have to wait a long time before they can use it.

    When sending an item or emote as a gift to a friend, it would help if the game would tell the gift giver if the player already owns the item.

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    Hello Suicidal,

    thanks for your remarks. Gifting paid bundles is currently not possible due to technological restraints. We'd like to allow that in the future, but that will depend on whether we can find a solution.

    As items with rank restrictions, this is a bit complicated. We don't want to have rank 5 players with rank 27 equipment - that would break the game difficulty curve. But you want to help your friend... We get it, but don't have a solution right now.

    Finally, yes, this is a legit concern that is on our radar, something we need to figure out.


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      Hi Krevetak,

      Thanks for your response.

      I think giving gifts is great, but there definitely needs to be some kind of functionality that detects if the recipient already owns an emote or a cosmetic bundle. For example, I sent a friend a Rodeo emote as a gift to a friend and they received it, and if I were to try to send them a 2nd Rodeo emote, the game should prevent me from doing so and tell me that they already own the Rodeo emote, but this doesn't happen.

      One of the great things about giving a gift is when a friend starts their game and they are surprised to receive the gift, but it's not a surprise at all if you feel the need to first ask your friend in advance if they already own a specific emote or cosmetic bundle, all because you don't want to waste gold sending them a gift that they already own. To save time, I simply ask friends what emote they would like that they don't already own. Again, there's no surprise at all.

      As for the bundles that I can't send as a gift because they cost real money, those bundles really should be offered for gold in the Hub stores so that they could then be given as gifts. Currently I would like to send several bundles as gifts and I'm unable to.

      I would also like to give friends gold, gold packs, and gold supply as gifts.