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The bugs keep on coming!

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  • The bugs keep on coming!

    More bugs:
    - The in-game feedback window is formatted badly so I can only partly see what i’m writing.
    - Couldn’t send photos via in-game feedback.
    - Twice in CTF, game stuck at ‘match is starting’.
    I had to restart app.
    - In CTF all team members had joined but only two or three were displayed and facing away.
    - In CTF at spawn I cannot move so need to pause, resume and then move.
    - Count down number stayed on screen over my crosshairs so harder to aim as you can’t see your enemy clearly.
    - Silver Arena, my character slowed down so much I could barely move. Fire and reload buttons didn’t work at all.
    - Character voice slowed down.
    - In PVP character voice speeds up and down too, changes in pitch.
    - Not a bug but in PVP at low health, changing view to black and white means you can’t differentiate team from enemy.
    - Can’t upload photos here either, just says ‘working’
    - Last day or so I can’t invite friends to join squad.

    I deleted my last account as the game was so buggy and laggy that it wasn’t any fun anymore and decided this was enough.
    So, after update 9, I was tempted back and thought I’d try again with a new account but little has changed.
    I guess it’s a trend now to release unfinished games and to finish (oops, I mean ‘update’) them over time.
    That seems to be the case here.

    Iphone xs max
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