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Kira auto rifle event weapon has stopped prompting to prevent sale by mistake

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  • Kira auto rifle event weapon has stopped prompting to prevent sale by mistake

    The event weapon stopped prompting me to verify if I wanted to sell it. I sold it by mistake. How do I get you to replace it. IGN is fishbobber. The perks were static on it. Please replace

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    Do you mean the event Barramundi?


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      Neo items sell without warning too. The problem is that every item should have a security question when buying or selling. I have 2 epic items that are extremely valuable to me and I constantly worry that they might get unintentionally sold due to the fact that there is no security question for the items. There should definitely be a security question for all items that are epic, legendary, neo, event, or purchased with gold.

      If I were to play arenas for several hours and acquire a hundred items in my inventory that are worthless to me, it would not bother me at all if a security question were to appear for every item I sell. What would bother me is if I unintentionally sold 1 extremely valuable item because a security question does not exist. In fact, I would be very pissed off. And it has happened.

      There absolutely should be a security question for every item that sells for gold in the game, especially the bundles. I've lost track of how many bundles I've purchased unintentionally because my screen detected a screen touch when my thumb was hovering too close to the screen. It's because of the lack of security that I'm now afraid to have a gold balance that exceeds the price of the bundles in the game. How is it even possible that shopping technology exists in the game that has no security at all?