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    Bullet penetration is one of the first things I implement when working on various game mods. In most games bullet penetration already exists, but it’s usually not applied correctly.

    In Shadowgun Legends, bullet penetration basically doesn’t exist, except for glass windows. And penetration couldn’t be effectively applied to any environmental structures since the game doesn’t take place in an environment full of clay buildings, wooden shacks with thin wooden walls and doors, or obstacles like wooden crates and garbage cans. In most games bullets penetrate most wood, and car doors.

    In Shadowgun Legends, bullet penetration should at least apply to aliens and human players. For example, if you have a very high powered weapon such as a sniper rifle, you should be able to take out a few grunts with 1 bullet, especially if you are using the Supercharger skill in conjunction.

    Another example would be headshots. If you are using a high powered weapon of any kind, and if you shoot an alien or human in the head, which is a critical and vulnerable hit location, in most cases the enemy will die with just 1 shot, at which point the bullet should pass through and damage any living enemy in its path.

    I have a pistol that kills grunts and alike with a 1 bullet headshot without my Supercharger skill activated.

    Curently I’m still unable to play this game without crashing since the release of patch 0.7.5, but I still wanted to offer this suggestion.

    I’m not particularly fond of using a sniper rifle, but I do have a very powerful one, and it would be awesome if I could line up a few grunts and get a multi-kill with 1 shot. In a lot of games, players that use a sniper rifle always try to line up several targets before taking their shot. I once saw a video of a guy that took his time and waited until an enemy patrol, patrolling in a column formation, were lined up, and he got 5 headshots with one bullet from over 1000 meters. The enemy weren’t lined up perfectly, but within the time it took the bullet to travel, the column of enemy lined up perfectly for a split second, so it was a lucky shot. In tard games like Call of Duty, 1 shot multi-kills are far too common.

    Anyway, penetration physics can be tricky to implement, so I would suggest taking the simplest approach and simply let the bullet pass through any enemy that dies. So if it takes 5 bullets to kill an enemy, the 5th bullet should pass through and retain its full power. This should not apply to shotguns or low powered submachine guns, or any type of weapon where the projectile is weak in power, or normally doesn’t pass through.

    I can guarantee that players would love it if bullet penetration were to be implemented. Players that use sniper rifles would especially love it, and they would constantly try to achieve double kills and triple kills with 1 bullet, especially with the Supercharger skill. With 10 or more enemy chasing you in an arena, this wouldn’t be difficult to achieve.

    You could even offer a new ribbon and medal for a multi-kill achieved with 1 bullet.

    You could take it a step further, and when updating or creating new environments, you could add thin environment objects that high powered bullets can penetrate, as long as the bullet damage exceeds the structural penetration limit. It’s just fun being able to kill an enemy hiding behind thin cover, and it offers a tactical advantage when using high powered weapons.

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    I DEFINITELY agree with this. Finally someone with some good logic.