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Some cool ideas to possibly take the game to the next level

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  • Some cool ideas to possibly take the game to the next level

    First, my hat goes off to you MADFINGER games for a superb mobile FPS.

    The entire presentation is pretty polished and well thought out. Gorgeous game.

    To the point, where I personally couldn't ask for much more from the game technically.

    Intuitive controls, excellent multiplayer capabilities and selection to go along with fantastically colorful graphics & animation.

    At this point, I personally think it simply needs creative touches.

    Now, I'm the type of player who loves games with well thought out, immersive stories. The more world-building that's implemented in the game the more intrigued I am.

    And of course here - we have a tremendous amount of world-building with SG Legends.
    I try to get in to the happenings in the game story-wise as much as possible. The mission objectives and such. The only thing is that when you're randomly selecting missions it's hard to stay invested in what's going on.

    Which brings us to the first of my ideas for SHADOWGUN LEGENDS .

    It's pretty ambitious but I think it would be a wonderfully creative and very useful addition to the game:

    Imagine an in-game glossary in the form of the SHADOWGUN Mainframe - the SG MAIN (just go give it a name for this example). You know how MARVEL'S S.H.I.E.L.D. has it's mighty central database which has info about everyone and everything I'm sure? THAT'S what the SG MAIN would be! Accessible to all Shadowguns.

    So after logging in, with the big bold SHADOWGUN logo, the player would be brought to the main menu (maybe even a computer that talks to the user) where you're presented with the main categories. Let's say for example, PLANETS, is one of the main categories. You click on PLANETS and select NOVA CALLISTO for example. It would bring up a profile for the planet that gives that very same info/data that's displayed on the Mission Selection screens currently in the game i.e. planetary gravity, land mass ratio, atmosphere, etc. Except a little bit more detail to give that much life to the fictional place.

    Another main category would be PEOPLE - that contains the profile/info on everyone both seen and unseen in the game. Celebrities, politicians, everyone. Just like any agency that utilizes intelligence, I'm sure the Shadowguns have tabs on EVERYBODY.

    In addition would be a sub-PLANETS category called HUMAN INTERESTS or sometthing. Basically a listing of all the settlements, bunkers, facilities and any other man-made resource added to the planet along with basic info & illustrations; namely aerial photos showing what the structure looks like built in to the planetary landscape.

    Finally, quite possibly the coolest idea for the SG MAIN; THE SG MAIN -CLASSIFIED- area.
    Here we'd have name-dropped incidents like the Full Moon Festival tragedy and that brave last stand by the Marines. In this special access area players will be able to learn sordid details about these events including facts that weren't publicly disclosed. And to top it off, special Classified footage of those incidents . Perhaps a camera picked up the horrific moments when the foot soldiers were actually descending from the portals and mowing down festival-goers, to use an example. Think about how much this single idea would simultaneously educate and emotionally involve players with the mission objectives.

    Now.....THE HUB..... absolutely adore it! I want to live in BRNO so badly!!! LOL

    I noticed that the hub realistically has available space for future businesses. We've got a Casino, a bar/lounge (performance venue? 😉) a grub spot and soon a MASSAGE PARLOR!

    I'd like to add 2 more businesses - first up - SHADOWGUN ARCADE!
    YES, a place to go and play mini-games including the arcades flagship game: an old-school, 16-bit style overhead zombie shooting game called whatelse? DEADTRIGGER!!?! 😂

    I noticed the popular goofing-off act of stripping one's armor down to the barest of essentials, found in gaming, has made it's way to SHADOWGUN LEGENDS. That gave me yet another idea that could possibly drive traffic to the game.

    A civilian clothing retail store!

    Players could strip out of their armor and put on truly stylish civilian gear Including a particularly large selection of shoes and purses for the ladies.😁

    And that last idea sort of ties in to my idea for an ambitious event. I

    how cool would it be if you guys were to team up with a willing wold-reknown DJ who would loan one of their club mixes, whichwould act as part of the persona of a fictional in-game, world reknown DJ who's planning on giving a special, salute to the Shadowguns, WW2 RSO like concert - right there at the BAR OF WAR. Complete with club-style lighting.

    IMAGINE SARA'S PACKED!! Like a real life popular nightclub!

    You'd then have the option of picking up some cool threads from the clothing spot for the big event!

    You guys billed SHADOWGUN LEGENDS as the first ever, First Person Shooter Role Playing Game. The aforementioned are the types of ideas, when applied to the very solid base that you've built this far, would help the game truly live up to that billing.

    Long, I know. But as you can see, I'm genuinely excited about the game.

    Thanks for reading.
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    I think this is interesting, but hard to be done.


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      Originally posted by BaronSamedi View Post
      I think this is interesting, but hard to be done.
      The party/outfits idea might be a bit ambitious for a game like this but I still think that SG MAIN idea would go a long way in to enriching the entire game experience.

      And all it would be is a sort of glorified sub-menu within the game.


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