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  • Desperately needed updates

    Hello. Fair warning, this is gonna be a long post. So I played this a lot when it first came out, but now coming back a couple years later, I have returned to a game that hasn't had any major gameplay updates to speak of. Its a little dissatisfying. I have a few suggestions that I would really like to see introduced that I think would make the game much for fun and add some balance.

    So as for the single player campaign missions, there are things enemies can do that you cannot, which makes it a little unfair. They are able to jump and use melee attacks. I actually half expected to come back and discover that a close range melee attack had been added. It would be very advantageous when an enemy crawls outta the woodwork and is suddenly in your face to be able to hit a melee button to bash them with your gun at least like they can do to you. Shooting your gun at close range like that isn't always efficient.

    One major thing for me is invites for random things from other players. There should be an option to disable this. Even in the middle of a mission, I am notified of an invite to this, that, or another thing literally every like 5 seconds. That is very obnoxious. When I play, I just want to play in peace. Especially if I am doing a mission.

    The thing I was most expecting to see introduced upon my return is the ability to chat normally and not just choose from a handful of phrases. Like 90% of games have a world chat or private message option with the ability to actually type. Its baffling that Shadowgun Legends does not include this feature.

    An ability to add even a minimal amount of customization to weapons beyond the stickers and paints would be very welcome. Even just like attaining different scopes or something to equip to the guns and maybe different barrels. Wouldn't have to be a lot, but it would keep the game up to date with other mobile FPS games like CoD mobile and stuff.

    The ad spin slot machines should be accessible from an individual player's menu. Today, we had some jackass standing in front of a machine and not even using it just to be a jerk. A daily or even weekly amount of spins from the player's menu would be a great way to avoid that.

    Those are just a handul of things that would be great to see added to the game. Obviously just one person's opinion, but I think some of these suggestions would greatly improve the enjoyment level of the game for everyone. Thanks for reading!
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