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  • Nitro Warzone Items

    I wonder why these warzone items even exist. One plays, and wastes a massive amount of time, just to get warzone medals that are useless.

    I look at nitros items at least three times a day, 7 days a week and there is not even ONE armor with 3x hp.

    Seriously what s this?!

    What are the statistical propabilities that every dumb perk accours all the time but never 3x hp?
    Same for the other items. There is NEVER anything like 3 x crit on pads or anything usefull.

    Why don't you give max perks on these items? 20 life, 15crit, 10 acc. etc. ?

    So that just the perks vary but at least they would be max, and one had to wait for the right combo.

    Like this now, one can login 24/7 all day long and NEVER get any reward for spending time on your game and playing for days.

    Seriously this is the second most frustrating thing besides your ignoration to pc pvp players that ruin the game.
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