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Quick Play Option for Coop/Arena/Dungeon and PVP

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  • Quick Play Option for Coop/Arena/Dungeon and PVP

    I like the game a lot and think it does a lot right. What I'm missing, however, is a feature that allows you to start a co-op or PVP quick game. Right now, you have to click on each PVP option, or dungeon, or arena individually and then wait. If there was a quick play feature, you could automatically connect to a random game that is looking for players. There could be a distinction between coop and PVP. The same goes for co-op missions. Basically, two players have to find a partner for the same mission, so wouldn't it be an advantage if I, as a co-op player, could just click on a quick play button and be automatically connected to a game that is currently looking for a co-op partner? That would simplify a lot of things, revive coop in the missions and shorten waiting times considerably.

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    It basically does that now, that's what that bar is in the upper right. Sometimes it's fast & sometimes really. really slow.


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      Memnoch,what is your in game name?
      I'm KRiS
      I would love to play a few dungeons with a legend like you!

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