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  • Need organised, active guild

    I've been playing almost 6 weeks, level 26, near 27. Thing is I did enjoy it yet I'm finding slight boredom and frustration setting in from being on my own playing missions or doing arenas, dungeons and PvP with often disorganised randoms. In the end PvP especially is causing me to think without an organised, active guild there is no progress to be made in this game.

    Its a bit sickening as I can see there being long term potential in being in such a guild yet for all its squad building and guild options the game is poor at putting like minded people together and making newbs with an interest in going further feel almost ostracized from an insular community.

    I dont know if I've hurt my chances but I really would like a chance. I'm in a guild tight now but only as I was asked and there seems to be no guild activity. I will leave it soon.
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