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shadowgun legends beta gameplay ultra graphics 1080p on Galaxy note 8

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  • shadowgun legends beta gameplay ultra graphics 1080p on Galaxy note 8

    Where else better to show this than here? I think I played well for my second mission. I want to be a legends streamer so check me out please. Also, I will stream and post videos of ps4 games and eventually other stuff like tech demos. Please tell me if you liked the video and want to see more.

    I want to be a game streamer, maybe like pewdiepie eventually lol, my first video is the shadowgun legends beta I did this after work just now, will post more, do commentary, and mainly post shadowgun legends and ps4 pro games including the last of us and call of duty ww2 and wolfenstein the new colossus, vlogs, and eventually tech demos. This is my dream, I am in school to do video game production and software programming, please check my channel out, more content to come soon I promise

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    Also I will try to mainly keep thus about legends, and focusing on this game for now. I was just being lazy and copy and pasting, sorry. I want to get exposure, and also stream your fantastic game! Thank you so much.


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      We all would love to see your channel grow mate!
      I recommend following the link for some cool stuff...


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        ayyy will check it out tonight thanks man! By the way this game is sick as hell and runs great on my note 8 looks amazing plays so much better thsn Destiny so much more fun and runs flawless on my lte even way to go guys you killed it with this one needs so much more recognition ... also, I am only mildly color deficient with just green and see it only 5 percent less than normal color vision and I have trouble reading the captchas