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  • Add Silver arena tips

    Take out damn snipers first and 3rd rounds asap
    kill big sword spinning ahole before you fight final boss.
    Feel free to add to this

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    I feel that's pretty much the gist of it. Take out the sword-spinning mini boss figure before tackling the final boss. I've never had an issue with the snipers as most people I run across tend to take them anyways whether they regard them as dangerous or not.

    Just run past the spiders and those levitating balls as they'll explode on their own when they're near you; no need to waste ammo.

    P.S. I think a general rule that applies for most of these things are to always be moving; snipers will hit you, that main boss will be able to land all of his shots on you, etc. if you stand still.


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      Definitely good advice on the moving. Never be still.