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  • Arena!!!!

    These arena are so much,very,unhealthy difficult. These are like impossible to compete even with 3 people in your team and all your enemies are legendary suckers..u tell me how can we survive that massacare..they just keep coming and their health is too much...we gotta kill 1 the another freak comes out of nowhere and just kills you and the last round u face a big dirty monster who just spawns only legendary enemies to kill you and we have to kill them as well that big shit!!! Madfinger it's a request that please lower the difficulty or the health of enemies so that we can complete the arena or we just gonna die there and have no rewards and just waste our 30 min for nothing...FIX IT!!!

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    You need to keep moving and shooting what you can. Damage to elites weapons can help a lot I finished it solo once so its not that hard. Only sucks if you get dc before rewards or when you can't drop/pick up epic items left over in chests.


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      It is really super hard if you are still low level and low power. When I started on silver arena I was still around level 20 with low power weapons and armor and I really struggled the silver arena.....I did not finish the match since one of us got disconnected and we are 50 minutes in the arena with only 2 guys.. We restarted the final round twice and on the 3rd time I just quit and return to hub nyahahah.
      So I went on to play the bronze arena. I managed to play and finished bronze arena....

      Then I moved on to silver arena when I got level 20+1 and a few more powerful armors and weapons. From then on, I am playing silver arena and so far its manageable now. Its actually more satisfying if we get a beefy enemy and manage to kill them before the final boss...

      Its just normal if low level and low power players struggle in arenas, that's why they need to beef up in solo mission or dungeons...So that when they are now level 20+ with good weapons and armor, they can survive arenas....


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        Yea, silver is difficult and cuss inducing but once you Max out everything at power 250 AND get a good team that knows the strategy it's not too bad. I've completed several without dying or dying once. A lot depends on the team and strategy


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          I think the difficulty is fine as-is. You just need to keep moving and you will avoid most, if not all, damage. Focus your fire on the elites and take down the sword spinning guy in the final round before tackling the center boss. I've completed it eight times now w/ random groups and only had one group which never managed to finish the final round. It was odd because when the one of the players disconnected, the whole round restarted, yet today I had someone who disconnected and was able to rejoin w/ out restarting the round :/