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A Tip on Epic Vs Rare Items and Perks

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  • A Tip on Epic Vs Rare Items and Perks

    The general assumption is Epic is always better than Rare due to the perks and the number of perks. This is not true and I suggest always comparing perks between the 2. Having that extra perk doesn't always mean epic is better.
    Example :
    A rare weapon has damage as its 2 perks. Epic weapon has 4 perks but no damage perk and the perks it does have are things you don't need like SMG clip size or whatever. obviously damage Is preferable to clip size if you don't even use or like the SMG guns.
    Same applies to armor. I actually have a piece of rare armor I put in place of an epic piece because it gave me overall more health than the epic did.
    It can be time consuming to check everything but it's worth it especially if you end up with a lot of rare items with a damage perk!