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  • Amazing tip!

    some of you may have figured this out already. If you haven't I expect a lot of likes Lol.
    So you just finished arena and didn't spot the epic piece until your bag was full of rare pieces. Plus you don't have enough time to keep dropping rare pieces until the epics are picked up!
    You're screwed right?
    No. Once you hit pause and start dropping blue pieces as long as you do not un pause you can continue to drop and pick up until you get what you want. What I do is get as close to the pieces I want as possible before I bring up the menu and I drop until I get the item I want. Just don't close the menu/ un pause until you are finished and you will only exit arena when you un pause.
    I just had this happen with a legendary item. It was hidden in the middle of a bunch of rares and I did not see it until time was almost up. So I had to drop and pick up at least 4 pieces until I got the legendary.
    you're welcome
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    Legendary post. Thanks a lot!


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      Originally posted by Hijikata View Post
      Legendary post. Thanks a lot!
      Thanks! I was tempted not to share my secret but did lol