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Not spending another dollar on this game

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  • Not spending another dollar on this game

    Beta Tester that was really excited about the game. As soon as it released, I spent $60 to expand my inventory, get gold, and most importantly, show the developers my support of the game.
    When the gold was gone, I spent another $100.

    300 dungeons later, I have yet to drop a single legendary weapon while I watch dozens of them drop for players in my party. I see a player on Facebook that hasn't spent a single penny on the game that has dropped all legendaries.

    I'm done spending and will not give MFG anything more. It is possible I have either a bugged account that will not drop a legendary, or because it is "random" it is actually possible that I may NEVER drop one at this point. So why spend?

    Sorry for the rant, but hoping a mod or developer sees this and understands that they are driving their paying customers away. I'm not asking for anything free, but 300 dungeons and no drops? Come on. That is ridiculous and this is becoming a waste of time.

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    Yup. It is mighty frustrating grinding the same dungeons for legendaries. I have been doing VF almost non stop for the past 2-3 weeks and no luck (close to 200 runs now). I have seen them drop for other players in my squad which is excruciating. But this is the drama which comes with all mmo games. And because of this when that coveted yellow finally drops, you get that momentary high which is oh so sweet. We are all addicts chasing after that feeling got from a few pixels on our screen. Although making legendary drops more common might seem like a good idea but that would make them lose their charm and become less special.

    ​​​​​​When I was playing WoW during vanilla and tbc, forget legendaries, the grind to get epics seemed like hell. But when you finally get it, that sense of victory is indescribable.

    So keep at it dear friend, one day we will drop those yellows and then when they become obsolete, we will do the same thing all over again. It does seem pointless (and it is) but that is what all video games are about.


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      Hello Hijikata,
      I completely understand your post- and don't take mine the wrong way. I don't want the drops to be common. I understand the thrill of getting something rare and the sense of achievement behind it. My issue is that the legendary drops DO seem common for some while others (like you and me) it seems impossible.

      If I were to get one on my next run, it would be a .003% drop rate. Does't that seem a little low considering most rounds last on average 11 minutes (combining arenas and Volt/Blade Dancer)? Meanwhile, I saved a screenshot of a random player I played with last night that had Mother's Promise and the Niko and had less than 140 rounds. The drop rate SHOULD INCREASE after every 100 dungeons played imo. That is not asking a lot. I have 230 hours of gameplay and no drops. To me it seems like my account is broken.

      I really appreciate your response and encouragement. As with most games, it becomes more about the community than the game and players like you keep me coming back when the game makes me want to walk away.


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        Thanks for the kind words. It does take longer for some people's luck to change and I hope that for us it is soon.

        As far as the odds of striking gold are concerned, in the current state of the game, I am sure that the odds are reset after every boss kill.

        For example, if there's a 2 in 100 chance of a legendary, then it remains the same for every kill. That is, no matter how many times the boss is killed, it will always be 2 in 100. Basically it does not matter how many times a player kills the boss, he is always up against the same odds. Legendary dropping and the number of boss kills are mutually exclusive events.

        This could be changed and some kind of bad luck protection algorithm might be the answer. It would keep track of how many times a player kills a boss and raise the legendary drop chance in small increments till a legendary drops and then it is reset. I believe this formula is used in WoW Legion and got a favorable response from the players. But I am sure that such an algorithm, if it exists, would never raise the legendary drop rate so high as to become 100% because that would be just absurd.
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          I am planning to enter the credit card for the first time this weekend. Time to get myself deeper into this game. I feel the investment will be well worth it!


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            It is a big mistake to invest in so stupid things