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    Am I the only one out here who suspects that there are at least a couple of players using these hacks in PvP?

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    Originally posted by Electropop View Post
    Am I the only one out here who suspects that there are at least a couple of players using these hacks in PvP?
    not hacks I think...
    the best aim can be achieved using PC via emulator....

    think: you can't win PvP VS user using PC, their aim using mouse will be way more accurate than touch...


    • #3 be honest, i shall doubt someone would got through the troubles using an aim-bot in a game that has it's own "aim-bot" (auto-aim) already available,
      furthermore, SG:L does not have a competitive PvP, so yeah, that's that i guess

      maybe it's the fact that someone is using a keyboard/mouse or the auto-aim that's confusing you


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        There are many players who emulate and play with a PC. However, the mouse and keyboard are the most efficient way of aiming so far.
        Besides, the genre of FPS games is becoming less and more attractive - card games are currently the most trendy, such as the recently announced Articaft Card Game Dota. Beta tests are still underway and the premiere is scheduled for 11.29.2018, in a month. We still do not know what the game will look like, we only know visual and graphic issues - we are waiting for any information about whether Artifact will be able to buy and sell Artifact Cards - it is very important from the business point of view and how the game will develop.
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          yeah, in PvP it is very obvious, i am not a tiny guy and playing on a touchscreen of my iPhone 6 i can tell when the other person is using mouse/kb


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            Regarding the fact that the game already has an auto aim function. for those using a PC, it would not be too hard to imagine a macro. Turbo on the button that toggles the crosshair. then point and shoot. this would continuously draw your crosshair to your enemy as long as you are within range. Knowing this kind of dampens my morale for the game


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              This game is loaded with hackers and cheaters. You'd have to be blind and stupid not to see it. Macros? Auto Aim? Maybe I should upload some more videos.

              Just enjoy PvP the best you can. Try to join a good squad.


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                Yeah there are some cheaters. But you would be surprised what you can do on touchscreen with some training...


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                  The reason I play pve only, thankfully the game has some great pve action.