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What is a difference among magazine capacity , amo capacity , "weapon" clips perks

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  • What is a difference among magazine capacity , amo capacity , "weapon" clips perks

    I can't notice an effect of spec. perk is magazine capacity. Help me to understand it.

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    The difference i still dont know but once helped me to know all those things. Currently i have forgot but by contacting you can get all those things. This is an inetersting game to play.
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      There are no clips in this game. There are only magazines. The term “clip” should be removed from the game. A clip is a strip that bullets are fitted to, but does not have an outer case, which means the bullets are fully exposed. An outer case that contains and feeds ammunition is a magazine. For example, the M1 Garand uses a clip, which I’m sure you’ve seen in many WWII movies and games. If you watch the reload animation in this game, it is very obvious than none of the weapons in this game use a clip.

      Ammo capacity is the total amount of ammunition you can carry, which could be many magazines.

      Magazine capacity is how many rounds of ammunition are in 1 magazine.

      Children call a magazine a clip, because they don’t know any better. Then they grow up and still call them clips because they never learned the difference.

      Also, there are no auto rifles in the game, but there are assault rifles. Some terminology in the game is inconsistent because it probably got lost in translation when implementing the English version of the game. Maybe an assault rifle is called an auto rifle in other languages, but the English term is “assault rifle”.

      There are perks that offer an increased magazine for assault rifles, yet my inventory is full of auto rifles. The word “increased” shouldn’t even be in the perk description since all of the other perks in the game do not use the word “increased”. Players already assume that any percentage is an increase without actually needing to see the word “increased”.

      There are a lot of discrepancies in the game, and a lot of inconsistencies. Hopefully it will all get sorted out eventually.
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