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    Money Bomb Video 1

    Money Bomb Video 2

    Video recorded using Mobizen screen recorder and Mobizen Earphones on Android Razer Phone 2.

    Mobizen Settings: 1440p/2K, Quality 24.0M, Frame Rate 120hz/Auto.

    I was pretty impressed with the gameplay video quality considering it was recorded using a phone. Normally I would expect this kind of quality from a high end PC using a good screen recorder such as Dxtory. It looks crisp, but the frame rate suffers a bit since the Hub in the game is generally a resource hogging area. When I first viewed the video on YouTube, the quality looked really bad, but then I realized that I was viewing it in 480p through my Firefox browser. I forgot to increase YouTube's playback quality. So I decided to close Firefox and open the video in the YouTube app, and as soon as I set YouTube's playback quality to 1440p, I was like holy crap, that looks great. Not too shabby considering it's the world's laggiest mobile game using the most demanding recording settings.

    The Mobizen Earphones allow internal sound to be recorded on an Android. Normally most all Android phones don't allow internal sound to be recorded due to Google's stupid copyright restrictions, so the only way to record gameplay sound is from the mic, which sounds terrible because it picks up background noise, and it doesn't do a good job of picking up the sound coming from the speakers. The Mobizen Earphones are a great work around. The earphones have a 3-way switch that offers a few different options. I set the switch to the middle setting so it mutes the mic and only records the internal sound, but even if I enable the mic, it won't pick up background noise, and it would still record the internal sound separately, so it's great if you want to narrate a video.

    The Razer Phone 2 doesn't have a headphone jack, but it does come with a 24-bit DAC dongle/adapter that offers the ability to plug the 3.5mm headphones into the USB Type-C charge port, but then you can't charge the phone while using the earphones, so I bought a different adapter that has charge port and a headphone jack, so now I can charge the phone while using the earphones. I personally think using an adapter is a bit of a headache, but I don't really have a problem with using one since I'm only going to use it if I decide to record some gameplay if my battery is low. My battery is never low, so I'm probably never going to need the adapter, but it's nice to know I have it if I need it. Razer decided to sacrifice the headphone jack so they to could offer a larger battery, which I think is a smart trade-off since the battery lasts all day without needing a charge, but I do wish the phone had room for both a large battery and a headphone jack, but it's definitely not a deal breaker.
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